The 4 Rules of becoming a High Achiever

4 rules high achievers never break


1. Enjoy the journey as much or more than the destination.

Many people are only satisfied when they have reached a certain conclusion.

They are happy only when the work is done to their satisfaction levels.

That is all well and good, but true high achievers enjoy the process as much, if not more than the end result.

To become a true high achiever, you need to take the time to enjoy where you are in the journey.

 If you enjoy the processes you perform on a daily basis, you too will be able to achieve more.


2. Set goals that are reasonable and doable.

High achievers meet the goals that they set for themselves because the goals that they are setting are achievable.

Do not set yourself up for failure by setting lofty goals that no person in their right mind would ever be able to achieve.

Instead, break your long term goals up into smaller, more manageable short term ones.

If you can meet or exceed a new short term goal on a daily or weekly basis, you too will be well on your way to high achievement.

Everyone wants to think of themselves as a high achiever, right?
I mean, look at you! You are great at what you do and everyone knows it.

But does that really make you a high achiever? Alas, probably not.

High achievers are the crème de la crème of functioning people.

They are the ones that work sixty hours a week at a high pressure career and then spend their free time running a non-profit.

While being a room parent. And making sure that they cook and serve three organic meals a day. For their five kids. All of whom wear only hand-made clothes.

So you might not be a super high achiever after all. Believe me that is totally okay.

Still, the fact remains that there are certain rules to which high achievers adhere that you can easily implement in your own life.

3. Have great coping mechanisms.
High achievers are people who can cope well when the stress level
surrounding them gets high.
This is not because they are super human.
No, high achievers are able to deal so well with stress because they have
developed a series of great coping mechanisms that help them deal with
stress while remaining in control of their lives.


4. Know when to quit.

Finally, high achievers are able to achieve so much because they know when to quit.

They know when they need a break and they know when they need to step back for a week or two.

High achievers understand that in order to continue achieving at such a high level, they need to take the time that they need to stay sane and mentally healthy.

Do not run yourself into the ground in the name of high achievement, cut yourself some slack from time to time.

See, it is truly not that difficult to set yourself on the path to high achievement


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