So you want to be an entrepeneur?



No you don’t.

I’ve spent the better portion of my life being an entrepreneur. By no means do my words to you qualify as anything but opinion. Age alone, provides the context of reality through the wars to be fought…………if in fact, you are truly committed to the entrepreneurial path.


It comes with a price. It comes with undeniable potential. It also
comes with the true reality that no one can ever really prepare you for that is my story and it is now my responsibility to give back. So many people in my life have helped, mentored, supported and allowed my entrepreneurial path to continue. I am merely paying it forward in speaking with you. I will try and answer any question you may pose. I can provide you with as much insight as I can. I can help illuminate the staggering paradox of this life.

entre 1

You will hear from me a somewhat harsh reality. The “what they don’t tell you” form of what you’re in for. It is truly an adventure waiting to happen. Not for the faint of heart. Not for the weak of mind.

My story begins with the recognition that I don’t take direction very well. I don’t like working for anyone else. Sounds simple; doesn’t it?

entre 2


Come and enjoy an evening of laughter and information.
My conversations will be chalk full of both. You don’t have to listen. You just have to show up.

— Keith Marchant

entre 4

Tickets are $25.

Space is limited.

Light snack and beverage
Contact Cheryl @ Norma Jean’s Closet: 250-516-7653 or

Sept 15th 5:30 -7:30 light snack and Beverage

2405 Beacon Ave.,Upstairs on Beacon


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