How to take consistent action to accomplish your Business Goals

Guest post by Susan Liddy

Taking consistent action to accomplish your business goals can be challenging. Yet, this is critical to achieving business success. Running a business is no small task, and it’s natural to occasionally feel like you need a break or even to simply slow things down while you recuperate.

During those moments it is important to do what is needed to rejuvenate: take part in activities you enjoy, take a vacation, or simply minimize your commitments until your energy is reclaimed.

When you are lacking in motivation, the solution isn’t always as straightforward. Many of my clients ask why it is so hard to stay motivated, and my reply is always, that we forget the WHY of our business goals.

We lose sight of the bigger picture, the excitement and the meaning behind the desire, and instead we wallow in how hard it feels. Whenever we associate “pain” and discomfort with something that is good for us, we put ourselves on the course for giving up.

Sigmund Freud, the grandfather of modern-day psychology explained this with what he called “The Pain/Pleasure Principle.” That is, people make decisions based upon their emotions. People will generally choose whatever will create less pain and more pleasure.

Emotional mastery, therefore, requires the ability to associate “pleasure” with your important business goals. To stay motivated with your goals, you must associate good feelings with accomplishing them.

Here are 5 emotional mastery tips to stay motivated:

  1. Acknowledge ever
  2. y win

It’s easy to acknowledge the big wins, yet the majority of goal accomplishment is actually made up of “small wins” and daily forward motion. Remember to marinate in the good feelings of every little accomplishment as you move toward your goal.


  1. Remember your “why”

When defining your business goals, don’t just focus on what you want and when you want it. Focus on WHY you want it.

Why is this goal important to your business? What positive rewards come with achieving your goal?

And, if applicable, identify how your goal makes your business, and therefore, the world a better place.

  1. Savor each moment

Too often, as people accomplish goals, they set their sights too far off into the future. Yet there is a lot of enjoyment to experience along the way. As you are accomplishing your goal, savor each moment along that journey.

Experience the nooks and crannies. Breathe into the process as you would if you were enjoying a fine wine.

  1. Redefine failure

Instead of focusing on your mistakes, focus on what each experience has to teach you. Every mistake is actually a success in the form of a learning experience. I have personally never met a successful woman in business who didn’t mess up a time or two. Embrace these moments and learn the lessons that they have for you.

  1. Create a Community

Success in business requires a community of support. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people with similar goals. Celebrate your progress together and share your wins and what you are learning with one another. Spend time together masterminding and supporting one another.

Business success includes trial and error. Track your progress, measure effectiveness and make the necessary shifts along the way.

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