Stop thelling people how busy you are, they don’t believe you anyway

I’m so tired of the old Cliche, I’m so busy you wouldn’t believe it……Well I don’t.  I think that most people who use this constantly are bragging and they are not really as busy as all.  If this is the case why do they spend so much time on facebook. boasting about how busy they are, or posting pictures of yourself  dining, golfing, hiking travelling etc. etc.  Maybe that is why they are so busy.


How can I feel comfortable giving you my business if you are that busy?  Perhaps you will become ill and it would be my fault, for making you even more busy  Perhaps  you will mess the contract or the job because you are rushing.

Whatever happened to the other old cliche “ If you want something done give it to a busy person.  Oh that person was not bragging about how busy they are, they were explaining to you how they would do a


Thus the folly in busyness. Following the authors’ argument, feeling like you have a scarce sense of time will tunnel your vision toward getting the most done as fast as possible–rather than attending to long-term goals.

Your behavior changes, and the way your behavior changes seems to keep you in that state.

Insanely busy people get easily distracted and overwhelmed, the authors say. Since their calendars get so packed full, all they can think about is the short-term–leading to poor decisions like counterproductive multitasking, neglecting relationships for work, and losing themselves in their inboxes.


If you always seem busy, your best clients may be reluctant to send you referrals. Here’s what you can do about it.

If your best clients think so highly of you, why aren’t they referring others to you? It could be that your own actions are convincing them they shouldn’t! Some of us try to demonstrate our importance by showing and expressing how busy we are, and we communicate our “busyness” in any number of ways. How do you communicate your busyness?

If you want to impress people, stop talking about how busy you are and concentrate on the quality of your work and impress the heck out of them.  They will see you are successful and figure the rest out themselves

Norma Jean Poster 2


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