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10 Tried and True Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Leonardo Success
posted this on September 21, 2012 12:00

There exists a myth about Facebook that says that if you create a page for yourself or your business and fill it with fabulous imagery and interesting posts that it will then automatically be viewed by thousands of the most relevant Facebook users out there.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but Facebook doesn’t work that way.   

Think about the ways pages are found on Facebook.

You have to go looking for them, they will not find you. Unlike search engines such as Google and Bing, which serve up options for relevant content based on keywords (and many other factors, of course), you have to be fairly specific about the name of the business or person that you are searching for in order to find the correct page on Facebook. 

You need to actively drive traffic to your Facebook page to ensure that travel shoppers are exposed to all of the wonderful content you’ve worked so hard to create for them.

Not convinced that you need a Facebook page for your Hotel? Read this article

It helps if you have specific objectives in mind, for your Facebook page. This could be anything from getting more comments and interaction on your Facebook page, to increasing overall page likes. Setting a goal gives you something to aim for, a better idea of what to improve on, and an overall motivation for maintaining the page. Furthermore, Facebook offers insights that help you monitor your page trends, allowing you to examine your progress and successfully reach your goals. 

Here are 10 Tried and True Ways to Attract more Traffic to your Hotel’s Facebook Page

FB10_-_SocialMedia_Links_-_1.png1. Link to your Facebook page from your website

If you have an independent website, you can make it easy for visitors to access your Faebook page simply by linking them directly to it from your website. You can also include a ‘Like’ button that allows users to like your Facebook page right from your website – but be wary of using the Like button only.. See Likes vs. Visits, below. 

2. Add a linked Facebook icon to every employee’s e-mail signature

Add an icon or text link right below the VBrochure link in your email signature. This way, every emails that staff send out will increase exposure for your hotel’s Facebook page.

FB10_-_SocialMedia_Links_-_3.png3. Include your Facebook URL on your business card

It’s a good idea to include the URL for your Facebook page on the business cards of all of your customer-facing hotel staff so that recipients can easily find the page by typing the URL rather than relying on the Facebook search engine. 

4. Incorporate the Facebook URL on all of your printed and PDF marketing collateral, and print or online ads

Promote your Facebook page as one of the methods to research and contact your company. (Hint: even if you don’t have an independent website, you can leverage your Facebook page to serve a similar function.)


5. Display a sign at your front desk, and in your guest rooms, restaurant, spa, etc. 

This serves two purposes; letting guests know that they can connect with you on Facebook, and then reminding them to do so when at the places in your hotel when they are likely to experience something they want to share.

6. Use email programs to ask loyal members to Like your page

Asking loyal customers to support your page and to share it with others increases awareness of your hotel and encourages word-of-mouth advertising. But be aware, that Likes alone won’t get you far. You need travel shoppers to visit your page become fully aware of what your hotel has to offer. 

7. Invite or Like other businesses’ pages

Don’t be afraid to make the first move, others may ‘like’ you back in return increasing your online popularity and spreading your hotel’s name.


8. Update your page often

It is important to post, comment, and share content on a regular basis. This ensures that your page will be constantly popping up on user pages and create a lasting impression in their minds. 

9. Post Interesting and engaging content

Try to initiate interactions with your community by posting content that is interesting and relevant to them. Connecting with users on a personal level is critical to ensure return visits.There’s lots of creative and fun things you can do with content on Facebook including offering polls, and questions that will encourage visitors on your page to note just view the page, but to interact with it as well. 

10. Host contests specific to Facebook

Hosting a Facebook contest is a fun and casual way to interest users and develop loyalty, again encouraging them to be interactive. Be creative with it! 


Another myth is that lots of Likes equates to lots of visits to your Facebook page and therefore lots of business.

Likes vs. Visits

It feels good to have Facebook users take the time to Like you or your business. But Likes often don’t translate into real opportunities for increasing business (such as a referral to to your booking engine) because Liking does not require an actual visit to your Facebook page.To illustrate, I have a friend who schedules the first 10 minutes of his work day Liking people and businesses that he knows on Facebook. He’s may only know the people in passing, and will probably never transact with most of those businesses. However my friend feels it’s worth the investment in time to increase his own profile.  

So focus the energy devoted to your Facebook page on something that will result in greater benefit for your hotel. Actively encourage travel shoppers to visit your hotel’s Facebook page, rather than simply Liking it. Since you have already installed the VBrochure Facebook Apps (wink, wink) they’ll have a direct link to your hotel’s booking engine right on the page. Visits = Referrals = Real Opportunities for business. And that’s a decided benefit. 🙂



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