Self Defense workshops, Would you be able to defend yourself?


Is this you?  Don’t kid yourself it’s time to accept the fact that we are all

vulnerable .

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Pucketts Noble House of Karate 9182 East Saanich Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L

1Hour  5 week commitment Starting April 28th. 6-7 pm, May 5th, 12th. 19th and 26th

price  $90.00  non members $100 MAKE NO MISTAKES THIS WILL BE A SOLD OUT EVENT AS
















Self Defence for the ladies.  Know enough to be able to defend yourself or at least allow yourself the opportunity to escape your attacher.   

 We will be covering many different aspects of self-defence, but the better part of the course will concentrate on offence & defence. We will cover areas such as

, 1) Basic fighting tactics.

  2) Angle of attacks – how to defend against them.

  3) Basic weapons of the body – how to use them. 

4) Primary target areas

5) Basic joint manipulation.

  6) Practising your techniques against heavy bags, hit mits, & kicking shields.

7) Practise self-defence scenarios.  

Why Women Need To Be Able To Defend Themselves:

The Numbers Don’t Lie There are still so many women who are not prepared to defend themselves if they are faced with a threatening situation.

Some of the reasons I consistently hear for not being ready to fight back are:

I live in a “good” neighborhood. Nothing has ever happened here.

Just because nothing has ever happened, does not mean it won’t

. •I never go out alone at night. Right now, one of the top danger

zones for women are parking lots… during the day.

•I don’t have anything worth stealing.

Regardless of what you think you don’t have, there is someone out there who wants what you do have.

It could be your material goods, your body or your life.

•I’m too afraid. Of what? I am most afraid of becoming a victim.

Everything else I can learn how to do. Just find someone who is willing to patiently teach you so that you are no longer afraid, but empowered.

•I don’t have time. Do you have time to recover from a brutal attack? •I don’t have money. You can learn self defense moves by watching online videos.

Even reading this article and others like it with safety tips is free.

A keychain pepper spray will cost around $10. Less than the cost of many fast food meals.


The cost of being a victim is much greater. Here is WHY you need to be prepared to defend yourself:

•Over 4 Million This was the number of reported violent acts involving women twelve years old and older in a recent year. •75% of women who were attacked knew their assailant

•Over 50% of women attacked by multiple assailants knew them

•Over 1/3 became victims at the hands of an intimate partner, such as a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend

. •Women are 6 Times more likely to be attacked than men

•More than 500,000 rapes occur in the U.S. every year – and that’s just the ones that are reported.

•One in Four women will become the victim of a sexual assault sometime in their life.

Hopefully you will never become part of these statistics.

Many women live their whole lives and are never exposed to a truly threatening situation

But why take a chance? It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your life and well being.

Being prepared to defend yourself, especially by carrying a self defense weapon is like having insurance.

It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

While not everyone can or should carry a lethal weapon, everyone can an dshould carry some form of non lethal self defense.

This can include a pepper spray you can put on your keychain, a high voltage stun gun or even a simple personal alarm.

Don’t make excuses. Just be prepared! Wendy Megyese is a Deputy Sheriff and a Self Defense Expert.

Her passion is educating and empowering law abiding citizens with self defense tools and techniques so they can be victors and not victims.

Visit her website at to find the best self defense and survival products.   plucketts   9182 East Saanich Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 1H7   CONTACT CHERYL YOUNG or email DSCN0728


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