St. Paddy’s Fundraiser Dance March 15, 2014 For James Hortobagyi


We are working together with Angelee Knudsen to raise funds for a friend of ours (Jamie Hortobagyi) whose son James is having open heart surgery.  James,  a friend of my daughters, is fifteen years old,  attends Parkland High School and is an important part of Sidney’s youth bowling league. James was born with a heart defect which led him to need 2 heart surgeries in his first few months of life.  The time has come for James to undergo invasive open heart surgery again to replace the valve he has grown out of.  I know in the past you have done a great deal to promote youth fundraisers and I could use your expertise on this one.

 The Kitty Hawk Club is willing to work with us and is offering us their place as a venue to host a St. Patrick’s Day dance on March 15 and the music will be supplied by my band, “The “Islanders”.  The dance is to raise money to help offset some of the costs involved with his family having to take time off of work to be at the hospital with James during this very troubling time and for travel costs to go back and forth to Vancouver.

 We are planning to have a night with lots of fun, prizes, food and donations.  We are looking for ideas how to promote this fundraiser/dance to get a high attendance, to acquire donations of food and prizes and perhaps get a piece in the Peninsula Review.  We will be asking for a $20.00 donation to attend the dance.

I have attached a picture of young James.


 Phil Turpin


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