3 Reasons why you should reinvent yourself or your business

Reinvention: Whether personal or in business, it’s a subject that’s rarely discussed among those who only play by the rules.







One day a number of us will have a realization that the current position we’re in is not suited for our lives. We might be trying to fulfill a sense of validation in the eyes of our peers, friends and family. Many individuals will find themselves in a place where they must make a change to prosper. Realizing that you need to reinvent your path is an equation that must be approached from all possible angles.

For some people, this is when the entrepreneurial spark comes to light. Or it’s the moment you realize you need to make drastic changes at your company. Or personally.

The individuals in your inner circle want to give you their opinions and feedback yet they don’t always know what is best for you. If you are looking to make a major change in your life — whether you want to quit your job and start your own company or just make some personal changes — these three principles can help you find the path you are meant to take:








1. Push past resistance. When coming to a point where we know a path must be created there will be more mental blockades, obstacles and circumstances that can arise. This will put your back against the wall and force you to make a decision on whether the reward you’re seeking will be worth the pain.

Sometimes the way we know we need a reinvention is because of regret, missed opportunities and risks we’ve never taken. But don’t fear change. Consider opposition as fuel to igniting your ambition and drive. Oftentimes you need to be the one to recognize your vision – no one else. It’s important to channel your energy from within and push past resistance, and the status quo.

2. Trust your guts and be a self-starter. No college course will prepare your mind for the transformation you are seeking in the real world. Instead of viewing this as a negative, take a determined and optimistic approach. For the interests that spark your curiosity, you must dig deep from within and question what you are striving for. Embrace the moment and visualize that every day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself.








For the direction you are headed, it’s wise to seek a mentor who’s a master of the craft you want to immerse yourself in. Read books in your field of interest as a short-term solution until you’ve built a mindset to move onto the next level of your craft. Leverage online resources, like podcasts, video’s, articles, even online courses and programs.

When you’re persistent and passionate about your life’s work, the right people will cross your path. This is known as the law of attraction.

3. Take action — now.  Avoid the regret others have suffered for not taking the leap of faith — in yourself. Once an epiphany has presented itself in your mind, don’t ponder on it. Move now.

Fail early and often as this is where you will learn invaluable knowledge from your mistakes. Others around you can pinpoint small improvements, but through your eyes you’ll see the adjustments that must be made.

Action can cure fear and hesitation and doubt. Remember, we are granted the limited resource of energy and time in our existence, so keep your mind focused on the end goal: growth and progress.

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Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230076#ixzz2tE9WOMT4


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