7 Powerful Methods To Achieve YOUR Goals and CHANGE Your Life! Then read #3 and tell me you don’t need the branding workshops


Brian Tracy    7 Powerful Methods To Achieve YOUR Goals and CHANGE Your Life!


Here is a powerful but simple method for setting and achieving goals that I have learned over the years:


1. First, decide exactly what you want. Clarity is the starting point of great success.


2. Second, write it down, in detail, and set a deadline. Set sub-deadlines if necessary.


3. Third, determine the additional knowledge, skills, and abilities you will need to achieve your goal—and how you will acquire them.


4. Fourth, determine the obstacles and difficulties you will have to overcome to reach your goal, and organize them in order of size and importance.


5. Fifth, determine the people, groups, and organizations whose help you will require, and decide what you will have to do for them to earn their assistance.


6. Sixth, make a detailed plan, broken down by activity and organized by priority and sequence. What is most important? What must be done first? What must be done before something else is done?


7. Seventh, take action on your plan immediately. Do something every day to move toward your goal. Get going and keep going.


At each stage of your life, whenever you are confronted with the need to make new choices, to set new goals, set down and think them through using these seven steps. Always think on paper, and be willing to revise your plans when you get new information.


Keep working on your plans until they are complete. Then, execute them boldly.

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