Why Do I Need a Brand? Why Does My Business Need a Brand?

Why Do I Need a Brand? Why Does My Business Need a Brand?

March 31, 2010  | By | 1 Comment
Small Business Brand

Without a brand, your marketing materials and communications will seem inconsistent, your path to your Big Vision will become cluttered with distractions, and your visual identity and reputation will appear fractured.

Basically, without a defined brand in place for you or your business, you are more than likely running your business by the seat of your pants and with no rhyme or reason to the action your are taking.

A brand is so much more than a logo design and building a brand is not just a single event that takes place when a business is started…

branding aaa

Building a brand is a process that is so powerful, it can propel a struggling business to the forefront of its industry and from potential failure to success.

Think of it this way, your business brand is like a guide for all of your communications. A brand will help you:

  • Understand your target market
  • Communicate your benefits, value, and worth more effectively
  • Create more focused and compelling marketing materials
  • Have more confidence in your business and speaking about what you do
  • Stay on a clear path to making your Big Vision a reality
  • Decide if someone is a good strategic partner or joint venture partner
  • Evaluate the return on investment for your marketing efforts
  • Build your reputation, credibility, and equity
  • Be remembered by your prospects and your clients
  • Get more referrals and qualified prospects

Your brand is everything you stand for and represent. It is your passion with a real-world plan of action. It is what you or your business becomes known for or known as.

It is also the perception others have of you or your business and the emotions that are felt when people meet you, see your marketing materials, or buy your service or product.

And, it is the ultimate tool to help you build your Know, Like, and Trust Factor.

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