Why Do I Need a Brand? Customers Already Know Me!

Why Do I Need a Brand? Customers Already Know Me!

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May 17, 2013 Dex One Contributor

Why do I need a Brand?


By Barry Moltz – Small Business Speaker, Author and Guest writer for Dex One

Many small business owners ask me this same question. Whether they are a plumber, lawyer or landscape architect, they want to know why they need a brand. To them, it seems like a waste of time and money. They are too busy finding customers to focus on building a brand!

In this increasingly crowded business world, it is very difficult to stand out from other companies. Access to the Internet coupled with next-day shipping has removed most distribution barriers and many products have become commodities. To the consumer, many companies provide similar products or services, so they just search for the lowest price.


A company’s brand ensures their value can stand out from their competitors. It also helps that company “get found” when a customer is shopping. It makes them memorable to the consumer.

In any economy, people buy when they are “in pain” and have the money to solve that problem. If the company can’t be found by the customer, they have no chance of being chosen. Most successful companies get chosen 33% of the time they are considered by a customer. My experience has shown that the key to growing a business is to be considered by more shopping customers.

Some small-businesses confuse a brand with a logo. A brand separates a company from their competitor. It is an emotional experience. What will the customer see and feel when interacting with a company? The brand is what the company is known for, the “pain” it solves and its values. Alternately, a logo is just a graphical representation of the company’s name. While the logo can be recognizable, it’s not the brand.

Consumers will pay more for company’s brand if it  adds value. For example, what comes to mind when a consumer thinks of Apple? The company is known for innovative, hip, easy-to-use and expensive technology. This is evident in all of Apple’s products, stores and communications. For consumers, their brand clearly adds more value, which is apparent since Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Similarly, Starbucks’ brand is not just about selling coffee. It is seen as a warm and friendly atmosphere where customers can stay awhile.

Branding helps companies connect with the consumer’s “pain points.” Remember, a valuable service is what a customer seeks, not what the company wants to provide.

Developing a brand is an investment process. Consumers stay loyal to brands they enjoy buying from and remember easily. It makes it harder for them to switch to a competitor. In this highly connected world, eventually satisfied customers will promote the company’s brand to others, making it even more powerful.


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Sidney Meet Up/Peninsula Chamber of Commerce – branding workshop series

 Series for presentation to the members of Sidney MeetUP and the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Holy Cow is an award-winning, full-service communications agency providing brand strategy, communications planning, graphic design, marketing, web development and social media & digital expertise.

Holy Cow has partnered with many of our region’s most recognized and loved brands — including Island Farms, the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia, PenYoga, Knickerbocker’s, Mayfair Shopping Centre, Columbia Fuels, the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility, and the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

Today, Holy Cow has grown to a staff of eight and offers services from a relaxed, friendly and professional oceanfront office.


Holy Cow Communication Design Inc.

301 – 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney BC V8L 1Y3


250 655 6597

holy 2


Sidney Meet Up/Peninsula Chamber of Commerce – branding workshop series

Delivery and facilitation of a 4-part workshop series on branding. The objective of the series is to increase participants’ knowledge of branding and to empower business owners to develop branding


The goal is to deliver a workshop series in which participants gain the greatest benefit from attending all four sessions, with each session building on the last.

The sessions would also be designed to be accessible and valuable to participants who only attend once or twice.

Participants who attend all four sessions will be entered to win a FREE 2 hour, one-on-one brand strategy consulting session with Erin Brocklebank, Communications Strategist for Holy Cow Communication Design (value $250).


The sessions:

• 4 x 1.5hr sessions (February, April, June, September)

• Beverage and light snack will be served

Session 1, 2, & 3 (see below for full session outlines) will consist of a 45min presentation, followed by a 30min interactive exercise.

1. Branding: The Basics

Find out what branding is and why it’s important for your business to have a strong, recognizable and coherent brand. We’ll talk about how to create a consistent brand identity, expand brand experience and increase brand loyalty.

2. Your Brand I – From Reflection to Action Learn how to determine a baseline of what’s currently working and what’s not for your brand. Reflect on the challenges your own brand has faced and identify realistic room for growth. Each participant will leave with a completed brand mini-audit.

3. Your Brand II – Values, Promise and PersonalityIn this fun and interactive session, you’ll learn how to identify your business’s brand values, promise & attributes and leave with a map for your brand’s personality. Find out how to use compelling communications to tell your brand’s story.

4. Sharing Your Brand Story In this final session, participants are invited to share their brand story (outcomes of the work we’ve done together in our sessions and the 2 months since) and provide feedback to one another. We’ll end the series by discussing further ways to integrate the brand into overall business objectives.The last 15mins will be a discussion of the session with a focus on peer learning.

The final session will be 1hr 15mins of Closing remarks In this final session, participants are invited to share their brand story (outcomes of the work we’ve done together in our sessions and the 2 months since) and provide feedback to one another.

We’ll end the series by discussing further ways to integrate the brand into overall business objectives.

We are looking for 4 sponsors .  Your logo and contact information will appear on all marketing material for all 4 sessions   Cost $250.00

Workshop costs

All 4 workshops $200.00 up front

Individual workshops  $75.00 each

Location   Catalina Grill, Sidney Industrial Park

Date Feb 26th 5:30



bus 1



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