Your Personal Image is an Essential Tool to Your Business Success

Your Personal Image is an Essential Tool to Your Business Success

We live in the age of entrepreneurship and small businesses.

According to Daniel Priestley , entrepreneur, international speaker and the creator of ‘Key Person of Influence’ programme, within next 10 years we can expect the rise of so called ‘Global Small Businesses’. ‘These are businesses that have less than 10 staff but aren’t limited by geography. GSBs will have incredibly well developed brands, making them look much bigger than they are. They will be built around a “micro-nich” and they rely heavily on a few Key People of Influence.


Do you have your own business? Do you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur? If yes, you must know that your Personal Brand is what makes you successful. It is believed that Tom Peters, a management guru and author, was the first to use the term Personal Brand in his article for Fast Company Magazine in 1997 where he said: ‘We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You’.

If you are a kid of the Entrepreneur Revolution, you breathe, walk and talk Your Business. However, do you LOOK Your Business?!

If you’re able to invest time and money in your website, social media and promotion, why are you forgetting about your Personal Image? If your branding and marketing strategy is not congruent with you and how you present yourself, do you really think you can become successful?

We all talk about the importance of first impression but how many of us think about it from the branding, marketing and psychology point of view?

If you don’t have to represent anything or anyone else with your Personal Image except yourself, then I guess you can afford not investing in the professional advice. But don’t come crying when you have a great date and the guy never called you back!


Yes, Personal Image is important to all people, either they have their own business or not. However, if you’re a business owner and you are the reason the clients come or not, you cannot afford not to invest in yourself! As much as you need to invest in marketing and promotion, you need to invest in yourself! You are the one and only face of your business, not your website, business card or your social media profile. They are all very important but unless you convey with your outfit exactly the same message as your branding, no one will trust you and will be willing to use your services!

Think about your business’ mission statement. What values have you put there? What’s your aim? Who is your target market? How would you describe your perfect client? These are all the questions you ask yourself when starting your business and preparing a perfect pitch. Dan Schawbel , a Personal Branding guru and renowned author in the field, believes that ‘a well-executed personal branding campaign creates a strong, consistent, and specific association between the individual and the perceived value they offer’.

Now, I’d like you to think if your Personal Image represents all these values and is congruent with your branding.

You don’t know? Ask your friends, clients, joint ventures partners and even your competitors. Let them tell you what they really think when they look at you. Do not be afraid of their feedback! Probably most of it will be positive. However, the feedback that counts the most is the one that is honest and very often negative. It will always tell you what you need to work on.

If you have only received a positive feedback, have plenty of clients and success you always wanted, I don’t know why you’re reading this unless you want more!

This is the human nature. No matter how much we have, we always want more. We achieve one goal, we get a new one. But no matter what’s your aim, make sure that not only your branding but also your Personal Image is a tool that helps you to achieve it!

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