•A brand is a set of beliefs. It’s a promise customers believe.

Why Brands are Important to Small Businesses

Your small business brand is important because it represents a promise to your customers. Your small business brand is the mental image your customers form whenever they encounter your name or logo. Your brand is what customers believe about you based on everything they’ve ever seen or heard — whether good or bad, true or false.

Keep in mind two facts about what brands are and aren’t:

  • A brand is a set of beliefs. It’s a promise customers believe.
  • A brand isn’t a logo. A logo is a symbol that identifies a brand. When people see your small business logo or hear your business’ name, a set of images arises. Those images define your brand in their minds.

If you make impressions in your small business marketplace, whether proactively or unconsciously, you’re building your brand. In fact, you’re likely building two brands at once — a business brand for your company and a personal brand for yourself.

Something as basic as your street or online address contributes to how people perceive your brand. For that matter, customers, prospective customers, job applicants, reporters, bankers, suppliers, and those who refer people to you and your business form impressions every time they walk through your front door, visit your website, meet an employee, see your ad, or scan an online review or search results.

All those impressions accumulate to become your brand image in your customer’s mind, which is where brands live.

Unlock the power and value of a small business brand

If you need a motivating fact to boot you into branding action, here it is: Branding makes selling easier because people want to buy from those they know and like, and those they trust will deliver on commitments. A good brand puts forth that promise.

With a well-managed brand, your company hardly needs to introduce itself. Within your target market, people will already know your business, its personality, and the promise it makes to customers — all based on the positive set of impressions you’ve made and they’ve stored in their minds.

Without a well-managed brand, you’ll spend a good part of every sales opportunity trying to introduce your business, while some well-known brand down the street can spend that time actually making the sale.

Brands fuel success in three ways:

  • Brands lead to name awareness, which sets your business apart from all the contenders your audience has never heard of.
  • Brands prompt consumer selection because people prefer to work with those they’ve heard of and heard good things about.
  • Brands unlock profitability because people pay premium prices for products (or, in the case of personal brands, for people) that they trust will deliver higher value than less-known and less-trusted alternatives.

As a result of the advantages they deliver, brands increase the odds of business success, which makes them especially valuable in a world where half of all businesses fail in the first five years, nine out of ten products don’t make it to their second anniversary, and too many people are vying for the same jobs, sales, and opportunities.

Increase the importance of your small business brand online

Without a brand, you have to build the case for your business before every sale. Doing that is tough work in-person and even tougher online, because you can’t be there to make introductions, inspire confidence, counter resistance, or break down barriers.

Brands are essential to online and off-line success for very different reasons.

  • For those who sell online, brands are necessary for credibility.People buy everything online — from contact lenses to cars — all without the benefit of personal persuasion, hands-on evaluation, or test drives. Why? Because customers arrive at websites with confidence in the brands they buy.

    When customers see a brand they know and like, they check the price and terms, click to buy, and move on to checkout. If your business takes place primarily online, your brand is your key to sales.

  • For those who sell off-line, brands are necessary for findability.Anymore, nearly every brand needs to be findable, prominent, and credible online. The rare exceptions are those that serve a target market that never goes online and that’s never influenced by those that do.

    For every other brand, Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail (Hyperion) and Wired magazine editor, says, “Your brand is what Google says it is.” If customers can’t find your business in an online search, they conclude that you either don’t exist or aren’t a top player in your arena.these aspects, the smoother the design process will be.



    Sidney Meet Up/Peninsula Chamber of Commerce – branding workshop series


    Branding Workshop Series Proposal


     Series for presentation to the members of Sidney MeetUP and the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.


    Holy Cow is an award-winning, full-service communications agency providing brand strategy, communications planning, graphic design, marketing, web development and social media & digital expertise.


    Holy Cow has partnered with many of our region’s most recognized and loved brands — including Island Farms, the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia, PenYoga, Knickerbocker’s, Mayfair Shopping Centre, Columbia Fuels, the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility, and the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.


    Today, Holy Cow has grown to a staff of eight and offers services from a relaxed, friendly and professional oceanfront office.


    Again, we appreciate the opportunity to provide you an estimate and look forward to the possibility of working with your team!


    Holy Cow Communication Design Inc.


    301 – 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney BC V8L 1Y3




    250 655 6597


    holy 2




    Sidney Meet Up/Peninsula Chamber of Commerce – branding workshop series


    Delivery and facilitation of a 4-part workshop series on branding. The objective of the series is to increase participants’ knowledge of branding and to empower business owners to develop branding




    The goal is to deliver a workshop series in which participants gain the greatest benefit from attending all four sessions, with each session building on the last.


    The sessions would also be designed to be accessible and valuable to participants who only attend once or twice.


    Participants who attend all four sessions will be entered to win a FREE 2 hour, one-on-one brand strategy consulting session with Erin Brocklebank, Communications Strategist for Holy Cow Communication Design (value $250).




    The sessions:


    • 4 x 1.5hr sessions (February, April, June, September)


    • Beverage and light snack will be served


    • Location requirements: seminar/conference-style room, projector, screen, Wi-Fi


    Session 1, 2, & 3 (see below for full session outlines) will consist of a 45min presentation, followed by a 30min interactive exercise.


    1. Branding: The Basics


    Find out what branding is and why it’s important for your business to have a strong, recognizable and coherent brand. We’ll talk about how to create a consistent brand identity, expand brand experience and increase brand loyalty.


    2. Your Brand I – From Reflection to Action Learn how to determine a baseline of what’s currently working and what’s not for your brand. Reflect on the challenges your own brand has faced and identify realistic room for growth. Each participant will leave with a completed brand mini-audit.


    3. Your Brand II – Values, Promise and PersonalityIn this fun and interactive session, you’ll learn how to identify your business’s brand values, promise & attributes and leave with a map for your brand’s personality. Find out how to use compelling communications to tell your brand’s story.


    4. Sharing Your Brand Story In this final session, participants are invited to share their brand story (outcomes of the work we’ve done together in our sessions and the 2 months since) and provide feedback to one another. We’ll end the series by discussing further ways to integrate the brand into overall business objectives.The last 15mins will be a discussion of the session with a focus on peer learning.


    The final session will be 1hr 15mins of Closing remarks In this final session, participants are invited to share their brand story (outcomes of the work we’ve done together in our sessions and the 2 months since) and provide feedback to one another.


    We’ll end the series by discussing further ways to integrate the brand into overall business objectives.


    We are looking for 4 sponsors .  Your logo and contact information will appear on all marketing material for all 4 sessions   Cost $250.00


    Workshop costs


    All 4 workshops $200.00 up front


    Individual workshops  $75.00 each


    Location   Catalina Grill, Sidney Industrial Park


    Date Feb 26th 5:30



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