10 tips for a highly optimized Twitter profile

10 tips for a highly optimized Twitter profile

Posted January 6, 2014 by boris, under General

This blogpost was written by TwitterCounter’s founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (@Boris). As a platinum Twitter user (he joined as user #17463) he has compiled a list of tips for you to get ahead on Twitter in 2014.


It is time for a couple of new years resolutions. You are doing well on Twitter but you can always do better, and in 2014 you are going to reach some amazing new goals. To start off in the best possible position for growth do a few things now.

1: change your password Security is getting more attention these days, and that’s a good thing. Why not spend a few minutes on improving your personal security today? Do you use a Password application? I’m using 1Password myself but there are many similar options. Use an app to generate a 32 character password instead of that easy to remember password you have been using for all of your accounts. Or, use http://howsecureismypassword.net to see how secure your password really is.

2: Change your looks You get a haircut every other month, don’t you? Well, maybe you should take another good look at what your profile looks like. And even if it looks awesome it can’t hurt to refresh it every now and then: https://twitter.com/settings/design

3: Rewrite your profile Does that URL you link to still work? Is your personal description still accurate? Check it out and rewrite if necessary: https://twitter.com/settings/profile

Bonus tip: you can connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account in the Twitter settings as well.

4: Follow, unfollow, refollow! You know how it goes; as the year progresses you’ll end up following more people than you’d like. This is a good moment to analyze who you are following and unfollow some people. You can always refollow them when they complain: https://twitter.com/following

Bonus tip: to see if you have a healthy follower/following ratio run your Twitter handle through out profile check: http://twittercounter.com/pages/account_check

5: Get an app The web interface of Twitter works well, but sometimes an app just works better. Download the official Twitter apps for your iOs or Android device or pick a third-party app that works well for you.

Bonus tip: If you want to get even more professional about your tools check out Hootsuite for group based tweet account management and Bufferapp.com for scheduling tweets.

6: Go Pro Twitter is all fun and games except when you are serious about your (personal) brand. And if you are, you want statistics to back up your theories about what works and what doesn’t. So why not treat yourself to a Premium or Pro account at TwitterCounter? You know you are worth it!

Bonus tip: As a co-founder I can sometimes give away some nice goodies :-)  So if you decide to signup for a new Pro Twitter Stats subscription you will see a nice little discount (40% off on the first month) at the end of the signup process via this link. This offer is not valid with other discount offers or with subscription packages though!

7: Disconnect some apps Browse over to your Apps settings at Twitter and check how many apps you have given permission to do basically everything they want on your account. That’s more than you remember, right? Some might still be relevant (Like TwitterCounter’s: The Visitor Widget, don’t delete that one!) but there might be a few you tested once and never used again. Might as well disconnect those. https://twitter.com/settings/applications

Bonus tip: you can’t revoke access for iOS apps from that page, but it does help to go through them to see which apps you’ve given permission to and maybe double check those on your devices.

8: Get a Bitly account for better link stats Twitter automatically shortens URLs for you when you compose a tweet. But they use their own shortener and that doesn’t give you the extra statistics you need. Some Twitter clients allow you to connect to Bitly and that way you can always go back to that site to see which URLs did well. You could even register your own domain name and use a service like awe.sm to build your own shortener. It is easier than it sounds!

Bonus tip: did you know you could see the stats for any Bitly URL, even other people’s. just by adding a + to the end of the url? Like this: https://bitly.com/PAVfqj+

9: Optimize for more followers When you just got started with Twitter you were announcing it left and right to get to your first followers. Remember that? Nowadays you might have it listed in some places, but maybe it is time to renew your promotion efforts. Do you mention your Twitter handle in your email signature? Is it on your contact page and in the sidebar of your blog? Do you have it visible at the entrance to your office? Does it make sense to print stickers and hand them out? Maybe it is time for a newsletter to your employees, members or customers with a friendly reminder that you are active on Twitter and a few instructions on how to follow you?

Bonus tip: Another way to get more followers is to promote your Twitter handle at TwitterCounter. We don’t sell followers (that would be dodgy) but we can promote the hell out of you and put you in front of hundreds of thousands of people who are looking for new people to follow.

10: Keep your inbox clean Twitter sends out very friendly emails once or twice a week and that’s just fine, except when you already get a lot of email or have several Twitter accounts to manage. Fortunately it is easy to stop these emails by opting out of them altogether. Just go to the Email Notifications page and uncheck everything, then go through each one and think about if you REALLY want an email for that: https://twitter.com/settings/notifications

Bonus tip: Use TwitterMail to tweet! One of our tools is called TwitterMail and does just what it describes. You can use email to post to twitter. It can be a super useful tool and it has a small army of loyal users, and it is free for TwitterCounter users. Give it a try: http://twittermail.com

11: Super Bonus Bonus Tip: show some love Twitter wouldn’t be Twitter without the connections between people. It thrives on retweets, replies and the connections that people make. A mention is a little act of generosity that takes about one click but is always much appreciated. Say hello to a few people, and when you do, say hello from us too. ;-)


Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (@Boris) Founder TwitterCounter


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