Do you need branding?


Do You Need Branding?

 What is Branding? And what can it do for YOU?


The simple answer is that Branding is a filter that helps you communicate the value of your offerings which translates to more impact, more sales and more money!

In fact 90% of your target market’s emotional response to the visuals of your brand is subconscious. That’s why uncovering the essence of your message, and designing an authentic brand, is the only strategy that will attract and retain your ideal clients!

With a clear Brand Strategy all your marketing efforts will be relevant, compelling and unique. The best part? YOU and YOUR TEAM will be more confident and energized to take massive action towards a common goal: Your Success. Now that is Powerful!

The Branding Studio can help you uncover your brand potential and fully align your marketing efforts so that the whole world can see how RELEVANT, COMPELLING and UNIQUE your business can really be! 

Sounds good, but HOW? Think of the growth pattern of a TREE:

The Authentic Branding Tree

The Branding Tree

The SEED: at its core, every brand has a seed or a DREAM that inspires the whole enterprise and informs every aspect of the brand as it develops and grows. Before this seed is planted, though, we must select the right location for it to thrive – this is achieved by performing a thorough brand analysis that evaluates the situation in the marketplace, the potential clients and customers as well as the competitors and other important external factors and circumstances that might affect your success.

The ROOTS: The roots represent the stage where the possibilities all nurtured, and the foundational beliefs and structures that will sustain and nourish your brand are clarified. They may not be visible to the outside world yet, but they are at the vision that will inform all the decisions that ultimately create the desired brand experience. Strong Brands are grounded in three core root groups that make it Relevant, Unique, and Compelling:

• Relevant Ideas Core beliefs Strong Culture Driving Values
• Unique Concept Positioning Promise Image
• Compelling Value Economic Model Value Proposition Profits


The TRUNK: The root system lays the foundation for the numerous decisions that make up the trunk or core strategy for your business operations, marketing and brand development. It is the execution of this trunk system that generates the experience of your brand.

The BRANCHES, FLOWERS, AND FRUITS: The implementation of these strategies and plans shape the branches, aka the unique experience of your brand, which ultimately pays off in the fruits of loyalty & sales, engagement & excitement, brand love & referrals, and profits & peace of mind.

Who says that Money doesn’t grow on trees, because we know it does on Branding Trees 

Positioning your business for success is a direct result of BRANDING WITH AUTHENTICITY. An authentic brand is a highly magnetic brand that keeps its promise, is consistent with its personality across all marketing platforms, gracefully demands attention by standing out and being so unique, it’s so relevant it makes you eager to learn all about it, and has such an alluring value proposition you just can’t walk away from it.

Once all masks are off, you attract the clients that trust and love you, and most of all, are ready to invest in the one-of-a-kind solution your brand provides.

Besides being a powerful client magnet, a properly aligned brand puts you in the position to win awards, be sought after by other companies that want to joint venture with you, elevate brand awareness by positioning you at the top of your market, have loyal clients that are happy to send referrals to you, and the natural effect of all this exposure is… yes, you got it right: a substantial increase in your sales and income!

Keeping in mind that branding is the perception of you and/or your business in the market place that lives in a special corner of your prospects’ mind, and that this perception is determined by your visual, verbal and energetic interactions with the public as well as your presence online and offline – here’s THE Million Dollar Question:

Is your brand so irresistible your ideal prospects can’t help it but FALL IN LOVE with it NOW, becoming raving fans and naturally sharing their excitement with others?

Whether you are a brick and mortar store, an online business or a combination of the two, you have a choice to make – to brand your business and yourself, OR leave the branding to your prospects, losing all control of what the end result might be.

Do you see how this process assist you in creating a successful thriving business?… The advantage of having a memorable, magnetizing, and money making brand is PRICELESS!

If your potential clients:

  • don’t know of your existence,
  • are confused about what you’re selling and can’t see the value of what you offer,
  • go to your competitor because you don’t stand out as the best possible solution,
  • think your image looks amateurish, so you simply can’t be that good,

Your confidence level plummets because you know you’re meant to experience more sales, more money and more impact, and yet the reasons why you’re stuck are:

  • you’re unclear if your image really reflects what your business is about,
  • you don’t get excited about marketing and you only do it when you really have to,
  • you have no direction in your business and operate day-to-day,
  • you’re wondering how you are ever going to pull it off,
  • you’re losing the passion for what you do because your numerous efforts don’t translate into the outcome you desire,
  • You’re overwhelmed and starting to wonder whether you should still be in this business because it’s just too hard to reach your money goals,

 then we have the perfect solution for you! 

Contact us by email at
 to schedule an exploratory initial conversation free of charge where we’ll determine if we’re a good fit, and what we can do together to significantly up-level Your Brand.Mad Hatter


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