Quit Being a Scraggly Entrepreneur

thanksgiving 5Quit Being a Scraggly Entrepreneur and Other Must-Read  Business Tips

Brian Patrick Eha
BY |November 22, 2013|
Image credit: ragesoss on Flickr

A roundup of the best tips of the week from Entrepreneur.com.

As on the dating scene, looking good is an easy way to stand out from the  crowd. That could mean sporting a well-fitted suit or the right pair of shoes,  but at a minimum it means being well-groomed and presentable. “Just because you  may not be pitching an angel investor or VC every day doesn’t mean it’s  acceptable to look like a mess,” says Thomas Edwards, the founder of Confidence  Unchained, an executive coaching firm. “You never know who you’ll meet at any  given moment and it’s pivotal for your confidence to know you’re looking  good.”

Similarly, your smile is one of your most effective tools for making people  see you in a positive light. A great introduction to that key investor or  potential client can hinge on a smile. Smiling makes you a better leader, too.  “Even in the most strenuous of circumstances, smiling can put everyone around  you — including yourself — at ease,” Edwards says. “Then, you’re in a position  of influence to make decisions people will trust.” More: 5  Simple Steps to Be a Super-Confident Leader

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230092#ixzz2ltyrWHkR


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