Why Is Grammar Important in the Business World?

Why Is Grammar Important in the Business World?


Grammar may be even more important in the business world than it is in the academic world. While in the academic world there is some expectation of growth and remediation of mistakes, there should be no such mistakes in the business world. It is grammar that presents you as a professional and creates a formal interactive environment. You do not want anyone in a business situation to feel as though you are not taking the circumstances seriously. Using proper grammar shows your intelligence as well as your confidence and grasp of the material that you are presenting.

How has Online Communication Impacted Grammar?

Online communication has in many ways made a negative impact on grammar. It is accepted in online communication for people to use a variety of acronyms and slang sentence structures to make communicating faster and more casual. Many young people who have grown up surrounded by such use of the language have become accustomed to it and have allowed it to cross over into their use of the language off of the computer. This has resulted in teachers finding internet slang-littered papers and students who don’t seem to be able to speak in standard grammar.

How can You Improve Grammar?

Regardless of your age, you can make strides to improve your grammar. There are many resources available such as books and websites that will allow you to study independently. You can also take advantage of programs in community colleges and adult continuing education centers that are focused on the language and its formal use.

It is grammar that demonstrates that you actually understand the language and are confident in its use. Grammar is a critical element of communication to ensure that you are relaying the exact message that you want to by eliminating ambiguity that can be caused by improper word usage. By using correct grammar you are demonstrating your intelligence, but also giving validity and worth to your words. This is especially important in academic and business situations that have no room for casual language use.

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One thought on “Why Is Grammar Important in the Business World?

  1. Karen Runtz (@runtzka)

    I agree with all the points you made, but I disagree with the use of “impacted” as a verb in one of your headings! It’s one of those things that jumps out at me, like bad grammar and misspelled words. Although it has “taken root in the business world as a verb” (as Grammar Girl puts it), that doesn’t make it right. šŸ™‚


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