DSEF Top Ten Business Tips

DSEF Top Ten Business Tips

On November 29, 2011  · Leave a Comment 

Have you been keeping up with our daily business tips? We are always researching tips that are quick, practical, and easy to integrate into your business. Here are our top ten business tips from the past few weeks:

  1. Create a Referral/Recommendation Exchange for small businesses. Offer to refer & recommend people to your auto mechanic, dry cleaner, hair dresser, baker and others in your community. In exchange they refer & recommend you.
  2. Keep yourself focused during the day by creating a mantra to help you accomplish difficult tasks. For example – Move my feet and get it complete!
  3. Are you always searching for the right words? Develop and use a script to engage, and start conversations with people you meet. Practice the script until it becomes natural and the more you use it the more you will connect with people.
  4. Your brand promotes your strengths and how you service your target market, and it establishes a clear difference from your competitors.
  5. Organize a food collection for your local food bank & as you pick up the food leave a coupon w/ a discount for your products/services. Offer to donate a percentage of their purchase amount to the food bank (make sure you get permission from the food bank).
  6. Establish your business in your local market. It will make it easier to nurture and interact daily with loyal customers.
  7. Choose your social media tools based on your available time. If you’ve only got 20 minutes per day, choose just one, probably Facebook.
  8. Sell more by making it easier to purchase, adding more choices, promoting value, personalizing products/services and anticipating customer needs.
  9. Use testimonials to make a point, promote your message and/or overcome inherent objections to your business.
  10. Remember that when you are engaging a prospect/client, you are not only promoting the value of your products/services, but establishing the value of your relationship.

Do you have any tips to add to our list? Please share.

I would like to thank Susan Marcotte for sharing this article with ushttp://www.sidneymeetup.com/susan_marcotte.html




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