Everyone shoed have a ball at our Christmas Party


Our Christmas Party will be on Thursday Dec 5, 2013

It shoed be fun because we are asking everyone to wear 2 different shoes, but it doesn’t

end there because we will bring the matching shoes in a bag and in the course of the evening

you will leave one of the pairs of shoes there and take a second pair of completely different

shoes that someone else brought

bootsNow this can be boots or slippers,  Any kind of footwear will do.

If you don’t feel you have any glamorous footwear then may I suggest you scour the thrift

shops and find a pair.  That will be acceptable

boots2And we will have a draw for the most unique pair.  I am putting up this beautiful necklace that I

made at Danielle Studio as the prize,

Place   Serious Coffee in Sidney

Time 5:30pm

necklace 2

It will be a full course Christmas Dinner.  The cost will be $25.00

There will be a cash bar and if anyone would like to bring a guest that is acceptable

What do you think of my idea so far?

If anyone else has any ideas how we can make this Christmas Party more memorable, Please let

me know.


Also I have been told that we will be having a tree decorating at the Mary Winspear and I have

all the decorations from last year so who is willing to help.


One thought on “Everyone shoed have a ball at our Christmas Party

  1. Susan Marcotte

    So sorry, I will be in San Jose California that week-end! 😦 I know you will have a soleful time! 🙂 Cheers Susan


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