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Westshore Women's Business Network
Business Training series! WWBN offers great educators
Dear Cheryl,

Westshore Women’s Business Network offers monthly networking lunches for like-minded business women to connect.  We now offer BUSINESS TRAINING and development as well!  
We think it’s really Business Training Redefined!  We are bringing together some of the best minds to offer you Tidbits of Training, small bite sized sessions that are easy to fit into your busy lives. Open to the general public as well as WWBN members, we want to share these great resources with everyone! 

BE A KEEPER – NOT A GETTER “The value and techniques of building a high-retention business.” with Clemens Rettich


Thursday Oct 17th  |  5:30 – 7:30 pm  Register Now


$25 WWBN members $35 general public

We want more than customers. We want raving fans. 
In “Be A keeper Not a Getter” we learn that customers and fans are very different animals. 
One is about price and fads, the other is about experience and community. 
Customers come and go. Fans have loyalties.  
Relationships trump commodities.

Clemens walks you through the brave new world of relationship marketing looking at three customer-centered propositions:


a)  Relationships trump commodities b)  Retention trumps acquisition c)  Influence trumps persuasion


In Be A Keeper – Not a Getter, Clemens looks at these topics:

  •  The Foundation: What does the customer want most from you?
  •   Managing the CX (Customer Experience) Cycle
  •   When Things Go Wrong: how a customer service failure can be a powerful tool

Clemens Rettich –  “I help small business owners create maximum long-term value in their businesses. Along the way they become more profitable with less stress. We do that through conversation and providing every tool a business owner requires to be successful.”  




Tuesday, Oct 22nd  5:30 – 7:30 pm  Register Now


$25 WWBN members $35 general public

Watch Paul’s Excellent Video here


This intensive fast-paced course is loaded with information and strategic actions that will catapult your community event to the next level.  It is not for the faint of heart.  


It is for organizers, non-profits, and business experts who want to promote their cause and make the biggest difference possible, using strategies proven in the field.  


You’ll learn: 
  1. Key design elements needed for a successful community event.
  1. How to tell the story of your event in ways that get massive results.
  2. How to build a committed team, a group of happy sponsors, and a volunteer base that wants to come back for more.
  3. What is the simplest yet most profound task for you to perform while delivering an event.
  4. What happens afterwards?

Paul Latour is the creator and founder of Hero Work, a strategic program that inspires people and companies to come together and complete extreme community events for worthy non-profits.  While working nights and weekends as a server, Paul has developed and used his strategies to complete three extreme makeovers worth over $650,000… and all without funding!  His most recent event was a double project: a ½ million dollar reno of the Mustard Seed’s 5000 sq. foot building (done in 9 days at no cost to them), and The Convoy of Awesome that raised over $50,000 worth of food and donations.  To pull off these two congruent events Paul inspired 65 team members, partnered with well over 100 companies, and mobilized more than 500 volunteers.


A motivational leader and speaker, Paul recently produced, directed, and hosted an uplifting 1 hour TV special about the Mustard Seed extreme renovation, showcasing the power of community.  (To watch a 6 minute online version of the TV special go to www.herowork.com  www.herowork.com/how-to-catapult-you-community-event





Tuesday, October 23rd   7-8:30 pm-  Register Now


$25 WWBN members  |  $35 non-members and guests

Pauline Penner
You think you have what it takes, but do you? 
This seminar examines the qualities that are required to be successful.  Notice that I didn’t say business skills.
You can always learn the business skills you need, or hire someone to do the work for you who does have the business skills you lack. 

Who you are and what habits do you have?. Changing your basic personality style will take effort. Are you willing to do the groundwork, the personality foundational work, to set the stage for your success?  Come and find out your success quotient.  http://www.jumpstartsolutions.ca 


BUSINESS PLAN BASICS with Pauline Penner

Tuesday, November 5th  6-8 pm  Register Now 


$25 WWBN members  |  $35 non-members and guests


Pauline Penner
How do you compile a Business Plan?
Does it need to be 50 pages or 5? Pauline will look at the essentials in a proper business plan, get you thinking about what’s important and what’s not.
In this hands on workshop, you’ll leave with the fundamentals, tools and framework of your plan.
This is also a great refresher for those with existing business plans. 


JumpStart Business Solutions offers solid business advice to emerging entrepreneurs in Victoria, BC. Owned by experienced business woman Pauline Penner, JumpStart takes you beyond business coaching and consulting. She directs you to success by giving you solutions that work, and challenges you to get results and make money to sustain your business. Pauline is the expert you have been looking for to get no-nonsense advice. Jumpstart puts you back in the driver’s seat, and helps you navigate through every roadblock on your way to success



UP AT NIGHT: SMALL BUSINESS & THE SOCIAL ECONOMY. The Demands and Opportunities for Small Business in the 21st Century  with Clemens Rettich


Thursday, Nov 21st  5:30 – 7:30 pm  Register Now


$25 WWBN members $35 general public

“2007 was not the start of a recession. It was part of a complete economic reset that started at least as far back as 1989.
Anyone waiting for “things to come back again” will be badly disappointed. This is the new normal.
In Up At Night we take a journey from the industrial age to the social age and explore the impacts on small business.
The presentation is loaded with insights and tips about what is required for a Great Small Business Performance in the age of Pinterest, Zappos, and days that just never seem long enough to do everything right.”

 In Up At Night, Clemens looks at the following topics:

  • The Way It Was: The age of mass manufacturing, mass marketing, and cost-driven business.
  • What Happened? Three historical moments that brought us to where we are today.
  • What Does It Mean? The world we live in now, and the challenges and opportunities it presents for small businesses.
  • You Are Connected! How small businesses have a unique advantage larger enterprises cannot touch. Tips on how to leverage these advantages for your small business. In particular we look at Authenticity, Connection, and Retention.

The 21st Century: The Age of Small Business. We wrap it up with 5 sets of practical tips and activities to help business ‘own’ their place in the golden age of the small business.


Clemens Rettich “I help small business owners create maximum long-term value in their businesses. Along the way they become more profitable with less stress. We do that through conversation and providing every tool a business owner requires to be successful.”  www.clemensrettich.com



Please visit our website for full details. www.wwbnvictoria.com  Join our mailing list to receive up to date additions of new trainers & educators and the monthly networking lunches. 
Deb Alcadinho
Westshore Women’s Business Network

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