More about the Vancouver Convention Centre


Vancouver, British Columbia is a sophisticated,

multicultural metropolis renowned for its spectacular

natural setting of mountains, water, and park spaces

and lively urban core.

The nexus of these diverse elements—the natural ecology

 of the waterfront, vibrant city culture, and urban built

environment is embodied in the design for the new

 Vancouver Convention Centre West.


From the city’s sustainability commitment to its vibrant

urban character,


The essence of the highly spirited surrounding

community is embedded in the architectural design

in several important ways.


The design visually links to Vancouver’s harbor

greenbelt and Stanley Park at the city’s western tip.


“It’s more than a building.

It is part of the waterfront and the park ecosystems.”


 Over 130,000 square feet of new walkway/bikeway

 connectsacross the site, extending Vancouver’s famous

waterfront and enhancing the public’s access to the

water’s edge.


More than 120,000 square feet of new public plazas,

festival spaces and informal gathering areas encircle

the center, providing places for cultural activity.


Additional exterior terraces for public enjoyment are

 part of the landscaped forms that comprise the

overall building shape and culminate with the

 green roof.


The project also provides for future development of

marine-based activities such as a float plane terminal

and public and private marinas.


Wood block from locally harvested Hemlock is a

predominant interior finish.


Douglas Fir slats comprise the ceiling, extending from

the outside to the inside and running the length of the

building to provide a directional texture to the spaces.


Interior colors reflect the building’s surroundings with

 shades of blue in north meeting rooms, shades of teal

in the east meeting rooms, and shades of green in the

south meeting rooms.


The carpet in the ballroom is a pattern of copper and

blue rectangles, graduating from predominately copper

 on the south side that is closest to urban core to

predominately blue on north side that looks over water.


The design of the Vancouver Convention Centre West

knits a close relation with the downtown core,

contributing to the evolution of the community’s

culture and evoking a unique experience of place

through the architecture.



In order to integrate the project to its urban

surroundings, the building is designed as an extension

of the waterfront public park intersected by the

 convention center functions and the geometries,

 views and spaces of the adjacent urban setting.


Its shape creates view corridors from the city’s urban

core that extend through to the water, capitalizing

on the centre’s location at the end of two major

downtown streets.

The building also frames views into the urban setting.


More than 90,000 square feet of retail space animate

the public facades of the building and provide dining

and shopping opportunities.


The project reaches out to its surroundings through

the ultra clear structural glass envelope enclosing its

entire perimeter, and creating a strong visual

connection between inside and outside.


Sustainability Features

Targeting LEED® Canada Gold

Six-acre living roof, the largest in Canada and the

largest non-industrial living roof in North America

Restored marine habitat that is part of the building’s


Water conservation and reuse system that features

black water treatment and desalinization.

On-site black water treatment and desalinization

systems that are projected to reduce potable water

use 60 to 70 percent over typical convention centers

 Heat pump system that takes advantage of the constant

temperature of adjacent seawater


 Energy efficient fixtures Energy and advanced energy

 management systems

Natural ventilation

Extensive use of controlled natural daylighting and


Extensive use of local materials, including Douglas fir

and Hemlock wood finishes harvested from Vancouver

Island and the Sunshine Coast

Radiant floor cooling   Project Size: 1.2 million square feet








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