I need 1,000 bras and I need them right now

Here is an update and a picture of the first 200 Bras that we sent to Nigeria

Bras pic3


Hello Cheryl,

Here is the information re the bras!

Thanks again for your help!

Ovoko is located in Nigeria, Africa.

In this region of Africa when a man dies the belongings of his family return to his parents, brothers and sisters.

They are supposed to support his new family, wife and children

bras 1000

This  support is not always forthcoming and many times widows and children are left without their homes or a livelihood.

The Ovoko Canada Women’s Society has the mandate to help Ovoko widows re build their lives by supporting their economic activities, educating them about human trafficking and helping orphans
get access to food and a basic education.

One of the ways in which this is done is through ‘Bras for Women’.

To begin with the gently used bras were collected for the young girls at the school but we soon realized their value and once the girls were outfitted then the widows were next.

These women did not have the money to spend on themselves and wore no bras and often no underwear.

Supplying these essential items that we take for granted, help the women to improve their appearance, self-esteem and help to prevent health issues.

The project has been taken further.

bras pic 2





Bras that do not go to the girls and women can be sold and the money is used to send children to school.

A child can be outfitted with a school uniform (mandatory in order to attend), get a full meal each day and go to school for a year for approximately $200.

The bras have helped in sponsoring orphans for school through their sale in the greater community.

Transporting the bras is very costly.

Often cash donations off set this and are also used to buy new panties etc. for the girls and widows.

Christine Nnadi who works in conjunction with the Christ the King parish in St. Boniface, Manitoba, visits her family in Nigeria and often carries suitcases full of bras on her semi annual visits to Ovoko.

Bras pic

The gently used bras we collect in Victoria are taken to her and she ensures their transportation overseas.

Cheryl….I hope this helps! Thanks again….I phoned Christine in Winnipeg
and she was crying on the phone when I told her about your target.

You are an angel! Heather

please contact me cbythesea@shaw.ca or bring your bras to our Sidney Mixer at Serious Coffe in Sidney tomorrow night at 5:30

serious outside


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