Love and Leadership

Love and Leadership

One of the projects I’ve done that I am most proud of is my book, Twelve Pillars, that I co-wrote with legendary personal development leader, Jim Rohn.
In it, we discuss, as you can guess, the Twelve Pillars of Success….
The last pillar is about leaving a legacy, and it is powerful.
The discussion of legacy is powerful because it is the ultimate goal with an end date.
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We don’t know when that end will come, but we certainly know that it is coming and that we have lots of work to do to make sure we leave that legacy that we want to! In fact, in the book, we said, “You can’t determine how long you live, but you can determine how well you live.”
That is what it is about – living well!

As many of you know, my dad died when I was just four years old. That had a profound impact on me, as you can imagine.
I have always had a sense of the shortness of time that we have to make our mark on the world.

As I have grown and matured through the years, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by some amazing leaders, people who have made and are making a huge impact on the world.
Being around such amazing people as well as through my own experience, I have come to some pretty solid conclusions on what it means to leave a legacy.

As I get older, I find myself getting simpler, not more complex. Life boils down to some pretty basic things.
While most are chasing the “secret sauce” of success, I’ve come to the conclusion that life is much more simple than that.

So, how does one leave a great legacy?

I come to the conclusion that if a person simply focused on the two following things, they would leave an amazing legacy:

Love and Leadership.

Ultimately, life is about people.
Everything we do and accomplish must be done with other people.
All it takes is a brief look through the morning paper or a quick look at the nightly news and you see that the world could use more love.
It could really benefit from people treating others in a way that honors the value of each individual human life.

How do we do this?
Well, start with your family. At the end of your life, the chances are that it won’t be a string of former business associates that surround you in your final hours, but your family.
They are God’s gift to you, so make sure that you do everything you can to love and support them.
Honor them, forgive them, serve them and be loyal to them.
They are your “home team!”

Second, your friends.
Be sure to cultivate a great group of friends who you can share life with.
Not just going to baseball games or talking sports with, but people who you can share the ups and downs, the struggles and victories with.
People who you can love and walk alongside of on the journey of life.

Others. Life is made up of thousands of people we come in contact with who aren’t family or friends but fill in the rest of our life.
We can forget that these folks are “real people” because we are just bumping into them and don’t have ongoing relationships with them.
It is important to make sure that even if we have a little interaction with someone, that we treat them with love.

Most people who I talk to are people who want to leave a bigger impact.
They want to think big and not small.
They don’t want to lead a status-quo life.
They don’t want to get to the end of their lives and realize it was just average.

I believe, and I believe more strongly with each passing day, that the way to make a significant impact is to become a leader.
Leaders are the ones who at the end of their lives make a big impact by helping others achieve!
Here are some thoughts on what makes great leaders:
Leaders dream big.
Let others think small.
Leaders dream about what amazing things they could accomplish.
If we conceive it and lead it, they can achieve it!

Leaders help others.
True leaders, good leaders, are not thinking about themselves but about others.
They want to serve others and help them achieve their dreams. Leaders aren’t “me” centered.

Leaders set the example.
If we want the world to change – or even just our own organization – it starts with us. We make our mark on the world by showing people a better way, one that they can follow!

Leaders discipline themselves and persevere.
Achievement is hard.
That is why many people don’t succeed. They quit when the going gets tough.
Great leaders make their mark by persevering and showing others the way! They encourage and challenge others to overcome the obstacles!
Now, I am not a recognized love expert.
In fact, I am finding my way in that just like everyone else.
I am trying to love others around me more and more each day.
But I am a leadership expert.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have been taught by some of the greats.
My whole life is focused on helping others improve their lives and become better leaders!

I have a brand new online program called the Chris Widener Transformational Leadership Academy that I am very proud of.
I have put together a 90 day program that is second to none. It has over 30 short and powerful videos that walk you through every area of leadership development.
And I have included 16 other well-known leadership experts who will help you succeed in the area of leadership!
I would like to give you a free video lesson on how to be an influential leader.
All you have to do is jump over here and get it:
Let me help you make your mark on the world. Let me help you make a difference in the lives of others by becoming a better leader!
Join me for the Transformational Leadership Program.
If you would like to see all that the program has to offer and all the other leadership experts I have included, just hit the link below:
To becoming a GREAT leader!

Chris Widener
P.S. Transformational Leadership begins with the inside out approach so as you change yourself you will see greater results in the teams you lead, the influence you have and the relationships that are important to you (and much, much more).
Learn more today

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