Here’s why perfect timing is a myth…




The broken idea that things must be “just right” before


getting started has derailed many a would be success story.



I see it all the time in the work I do as a life change


strategist, and author on the topic of human potential.


Friend, the reality is that what holds most people back is


their inability to begin, knowing that great things happen


when we get started.


time 2


As I stated in my book, It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG, “life has
an incredible way of filling in the details for the person
who leads with action.”
Think back to a time where you went ahead and pursued a
goal, or undertaking in spite of not having it all planned
out from beginning to end first. Remember how the things
that needed to be done, and next steps in that journey
showed up at what may have appeared to be “just the right
time.” Of course it wasn’t “perfect timing” instead those
next actions revealed themselves because you were in the
given activity.



We all experience procrastination at different points.
Getting stuck in inaction doesn’t mean you’re weak, or
incapable of making your desires a reality. It means you’re
human. Staying stuck in that inactivity is the problem.
Therefore, it’s important to understand that the trick to
getting “unstuck” is to do the very thing you’re putting
off, as quick as humanly possible. Yes, it sounds overly
Yes, it is a heck of a catch 22 — “if I could do the thing
I was putting off, I wouldn’t have this problem in the first
place”, I can hear you saying. Yes, you are right, but that
still doesn’t change the fact that you have to short circuit
the part of you that’s keeping you from doing what needs to
be done. It really is that simple, and the cool part is that
virtually, in every instance I’ve observed that in the
moment that we “just do the thing, or action” — the
resistance we were having towards it seems to disappear,
until the point that we look up, and we’ve gone from “stuck”
to “done.”
Speaker and author Brian Tracy has a mantra, that while I’ll
confess does sound a little “rah rah” if you’ll adopt it can
help quite a bit to develop your mindset to one of “action
oriented.” He says, whenever something needs to be done,
repeat to yourself, “do it now, do it now, do it now.”
Literally repeat that simple line of words until you in
fact, “do it now.” In a short period of time you’ll develop
the habit of just doing what needs to be done, rather than
procrastinating on it, which we know just picks up steam and
makes whatever it is you’re putting off, worse.
Notice that I’m not suggesting that planning is bad. Of
course it’s not, what I’m saying is, you have to understand
that there’s a mighty fine line between planning, and
getting stuck in your planning, to the point where you never
actually launch your idea or great endeavor.
When I first started the business I am in now,  I had no
idea that it would get to a point where I would have my own
books & products out, or that I would be speaking to groups
and organizations. When I began, I had an idea to share self
improvement resources, the same things that had made a
positive impact in my own life. That’s still very much what
I do now, but we just do it with a lot of different moving
pieces in the business.
The key point to remember is that I got started, and through
action, movement, different opportunities appeared. I met
people, and learned new skills, which opened new doors,
which in-turn allowed things to progress to the point where
they are now. The same is true for you.
Friend, whatever path you want to take, you have it in you
to get started. If I had one additional bit of advice, I
would say, keep in mind that the act of just beginning the
journey makes you a success in itself. Certainly attaining
whatever “end result” you plan for yourself can be
incredibly fulfilling, but don’t discount the very fact that
the pursuit also puts you in the rare company of those who
go beyond wishing, and hoping, and enter the ranks of doers.
Make no mistake — perfect timing is a myth. Your
willingness to get started, learn along the way, persevere
towards your dream if you must, makes all the difference as
to your ultimate outcome.
time 3
It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG
Josh Hinds
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