Introduction to NLP By Progressive Edge Plus Training and Wellness Centre

Introductory to NLP

Sat. July 13th Or  August 10th 2013

Special introductory price $30.00

(Regular price $125.00)Or

Some people appear more gifted than others. NLP, one of the fastest growing developments in applied psychology, describes in simple terms what they do differently, and enables you to learn these patterns of excellence. This approach gives the practical skills used by outstanding communicators. Excellent communication is the basis of creating excellent results. NLP skills are proving invaluable for personal development and professional excellence in counselling, education and business.

This introduction to NLP is facilitated by Nadine Hanchar, a leading NLP Master Trainer. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was created in the early 1970s by Richard Bandler, a computer scientist and Gestalt therapist, and Dr John Grinder, a linguist and therapist. Bandler and Grinder invented a process known as ‘modelling’ that enabled them to study three of the world’s most successful and greatest therapists: Dr Milton Erickson, father of modern hypnotherapy; Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt therapy; and Virginia Satir, the mother of modern-day family therapy. They wanted to know what made these therapists so successful and effective and to train others in their methods. What is offered today as NLP is the product of this modelling process.

The Introduction to NLP training covers:


  • Understanding the NLP communication model
  • Learning how to communicate with yourself and others
  • How to create instant rapport and agreement with friends, colleagues, clients and even people you don’t know; build relationships using active listening, physiology, voice tonality and language
  • Master identifying and using language patterns so that you can become a more effective communicator

Personal growth:

  • Discover how to inspire and influence others
  • Learn how to control your emotional state and behavior in order to achieve your desired outcome
  • Learn about communication in relationships in family and business
  • Understand how attitudes and beliefs support or sabotage you in achieving the results you want

Time: 9:30 am to 5 pm

Limited seating (on a first registered basis)

To register Call 250-384-1341 or email:

The classes are being held at

PROGRESSIVE EDGE PLUS Training & Wellness Centre

Suite 135 – 1555 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria, BC, V8N 1A4


Creating better relationships at home and at work!



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