Sidney Meet UP Womens Networking Group and Membership Form

Sidney Meet Up Womens’ Networking Group, is a group like none other yet.

Our primary objective is to grow personally and professionally.

We are all unique, but in some ways alike.

As a group of like minded women it is our objective to help each other reach limits that could probably never happen on our own.

Together we have strength in numbers and an enormous amount of talent and experience, that we are only too happy to share with our sister members, it’s the only thing to do.

Because we are blessed to live in this Paradise “Vancouver Island” and have been blessed in many other ways.

pinterest  Sidney Meet UP Womens Networking Group

It is our goal to help those less fortunate, so we are very committed to our Fund Raising.

All our social functions are tied in with various Charitable Organizations and Not For Profit Groups  such as our present Spring Fling

Fashion to raise funds for Angel Flight and before that for the Shaw Ocean Discover Center to mention only a few.

And of course there is the Networking aspect of it.


We have regular meetings and mixers sponsored by various member to give them the opportunity to showcase their businesses, services and products..

We provide a website for all our members with their individual webpage

We  continuously promote through Social Media Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn

And in the end we make friends that will last a lifetime .

Membership Form

Welcome to Sidney Meet Up!

Thank you for your interest in Sidney Meet Up Woman’s Networking. The purpose of Sidney Meet Up is to offer networking opportunities and inspire, educate and motivate to be the best we can be in our business and personal lives.


Benefits of Membership

Membership profiles

-Increase your visibility; your profile will be posted on our website and Facebook page with links to your website, facebook, twitter and linkedIn.


-We have many opportunities for our members to learn about all aspects of being in business such as Social Media & communication seminars.

We also are available to have one on one discussions and/or  training.



-Members receive group advertising rates in newspaper and magazines.

-Special VIP discounting on products and services with other members as well as local Sidney Merchants.

Social Media Blasting:

-If you have a special event happening or a special, we will blast it over Social Media to increase your




-You’ll have the opportunity to be part of our fundraising efforts which will give you more

exposure/networking opportunities with other members as well as other people in our community.



You’ll have the opportunity to promote your business through group advertising in local Magazines and

Newspapers at group rates.

-You will have the opportunity to showcase your product to a group of women during our events.

If you are interested in hosting a meeting at your place of work, this will also give you more exposure to the other members.

A one year membership is $100.00

Date: _______________________

Name: ________________________________________________________

Business: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone #: ________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________

Website: ________________________________________________________

Facebook: ________________________________________________________

Linkedin: ________________________________________________________


For more information on Sidney Meet Up contact:

Cheryl C Young at: / 250-516-7653 /

Cheryl Young, Sidney Meet Up President


Sidney Meet Up Group


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