Our website launch and Pauline Penners next workshop

IMPORTANT!: Our website is coming along! Come join us on Jun 10th from 4-5pm to meet Isabelle from RS Global, who will be coming to talk about it. Please try to make this meeting as there will be lots of information. It will be at the Sidney Care Home prior to our next business workshop. For those that want to stay for the next business workshop, it will start at 5:30pm.


Sidney Meet Up Women’s Networking is proud to present our next workshop with Pauline Penner of JumpStart Business Solutions


Our next workshop: Networking 101 and Writing a Business Plan

I have a hard time talking to strangers. I don’t want to interrupt people if they are having a conversation. It seems so awkward to break into a group. Everyone seems to know each other already. Some people are so pushy- how do I get myself out of this conversation? I have to plan my entire day around networking, and sometimes I don’t even meet viable contacts.


Admit it: you have participated in this internal dialogue – before, after, even during a networking event. But before you go scrambling off to your next event with a fistful of business cards and your elevator pitch running like a ticker tape feed in your mind, attend this seminar and learn the 11 essential tips to make the most of your efforts.

Pauline Penner, owner of Jumpstart Business Solutions, is a business advisor in Victoria who gives emerging entrepreneurs a jumpstart to get their business going in the right direction. Pauline will present “Networking Tips to Build Better Business Relationships“. Pauline is a firm believer that networking is absolutely crucial to building your clientele. In order to make the most out of your networking efforts, there are some simple guidelines to get you started.

talk 2

Don’t have a Business Plan?  The old adage: “Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail” holds true here.  Many think this needs to be a lengthy, detailed, difficult document.  Come and hear how to write a one page Business Plan that will get you moving on the road direct to success.

When: June 10th         Time:5:30pm7:30pm      Where     : Sidney Care Home 9752 3rd Street

            Price: $29.00

RSVP: to Cheryl Young                         OR                             Nicole Wilford

Email: cbythesea@shaw.ca                       Email: nwilford@dominionlending.ca

Tel: 250-516-7653                                                   Tel: 250-686-2927

Pauline Penner, owner of JumpStart Business Solutions, is an experienced business advisor who helps emerging entrepreneurs navigate the hazards of business ownership, and get on the road direct to success.

She offers no-nonsense business advice on how to manage resources, bring in more business, and invest in business relationships. She holds her clients accountable for utilizing the tools and strategies that make their businesses sustainable, profitable, and responsible.

In addition to her private clients she conducts “Ask and Expert” events and Success Circles.  She also works as the Business Advisor to the Bridges for Women Self-Employment Program and volunteers for the Peninsula Harvest Feast and leads the Peninsula Business Women network.

Pauline Penner/Business Advisor

Email: simplysolutions@shaw.ca

Tel: 250-652-8067


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