How To Stay Positive When You Have Negative People In Your Life

How To Stay Positive When You Have Negative People In Your Life

December 11, 2012  by 1 Comment



I am sure if you were asked, “Do you have negative people in your life” that you are shaking your head, YES!
It seems that there are a lot of people that would rather focus on the negative rather than the positive.  Sometimes, they don’t even realize that they are doing it until someone brings it to their attention.
We are definitely what we focus on. The good news is that even though you may have negative people in your life that you can still stay positive.

Think of yourself as a big magnet, and every time you have a thought whether it is positive or negative it comes back to you. The more you think positive, the more that you will have positive things come into your life.

There are things that you can do that can really help you to stay positive, so that when you are spending time with relatives and friends over the holidays that fit into this category, you will quickly be able to turn a negative conversation into a positive one because you are consistently thinking that way.



Tips On How To Stay Positive When You Have Negative People In Your Life:


Read Something Inspirational:

I find that if I start out my day by even reading a couple of pages of something that is inspirational,  it seems like I am inspired and thinking positive very naturally throughout my day.  As a matter of fact, when I take time to just let myself  ‘Be’ throughout the day while I am working, I often pick up my Kindle and read.

The only things that I read are inspirational and motivational.  Think of it in this way, most of us exercise our bodies on a regular basis to keep it in shape or to get into shape, right?  Well why not do the same thing to your mind?  The more that you exercise your mind by filling it up with positive and inspiring things the easier it will become to stay positive when you are around negative people.

By starting your day out by reading something inspirational as you sip on your coffee that you will stay inspired throughout your day. If you find you are starting to think in a negative way, just stop what you are doing and just let yourself ‘Be’ and/or read for even five minutes. It really does make a difference.

happy 2

Surround Yourself With Positive And Like-Minded People:

We can’t choose our family but we can choose our friends and people that we associate with on a regular basis, most of the time. If you have a friend who is negative on a consistent basis, you might want to re-evaluate your relationship.

Sometimes when we gently let a friendship go, we make room for other people to come into our life who are positive and supportive.  If all you have is negative friends, you will find yourself consumed with their drama, and won’t have any room in your life for like-minded people who will enhance your positive thinking .

I have found some of the most Amazing and like-minded people who  I am honored to call friends on my social networks.  Some of you reading this, know who you are. [grin]  There are even groups that you can join on facebook that are free that you can find like-minded people.  Some of groups even have share the luv day, where you interact with them on your different social networks.

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Take Time To Embrace And Savor As Many Moments As You Can:

When you can take time to really embrace and savor as many moments as you can and give gratitude for them, even if you might not be exactly where you want to be.

You may not be where you want to be, but when you are living in the moment and giving gratitude for where you are and what you have, amazing things start to happen and can do so quickly.

When you can do this continually, you will be then inspired to take the next action step that will move you towards where you want to be. The great news is that is it does not have to be hard or take a long time to get you where you want to be.

It is so important to be happy where you are and with what you have. This way by wanting more without being in a desperate place of needing more, things will start to happen to begin bringing you everything that you desire, including a positive mindset.

Remember, the more that you can continue to turn a negative conversation or situation into a positive, the more that you are going to find that your life just keeps getting better and better. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people.

You deserve to have the life that you truly desire and are so worth it! I am rooting for you!




One thought on “How To Stay Positive When You Have Negative People In Your Life

  1. Susan Marcotte

    Another great article Cheryl 😃 Thank you, I definitely want to share this with my team! Cheers Susan

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