How many of these books have you read?

Are you looking for a few business books to make you think and
challenge you to grow your business?
I often get asked what I’m reading and what books I would recommend
to entrepreneurs – so here it is! I created a list of my all-time
favorite books for business owners.
These books have all had a significant impact on how I started my
companies and how I continue to run them. If you don’t already have
these books you should seriously consider adding them to your
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#1 – The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
If I could keep only one book in my collection, this would be it! I
loved the original book and the expanded and updated version is
even better – I’m currently on my third time through the book. It’s
a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller
and once you pick it up you’ll understand why!
The main theme of the book is help you make more money, work fewer
hours, and enjoy more freedom. In The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss
gives you the exact steps, templates, and tools that you need to
live that lifestyle.
As entrepreneurs we don’t often get much of a work-life balance –
we’re usually burning the candle at both ends to get our businesses
off the ground but this book shows you how to be more productive
and have more time to enjoy your life.
Tim also writes in a language that’s not only very convincing but
also extremely easy to relate to – it’s like you’re having coffee
with a long-time friend and he’s giving you some advice.
#2 – Radicals & Visionaries by Thaddeus Wawro
I love reading inspirational entrepreneur stories – I find that I
can learn as much, if not more, from someone’s experiences as I can
by reading a “how to” book. Seeing how others failed repeatedly and
eventually succeeded is also motivating and helps you keep going.
Radicals and Visionaries looks as some of the most famous
entrepreneurs in recent history (Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Bill
Gates, etc.) and explains at how they got started, what struggles
they had to overcome, and what eventually led to their success.
Each profile is only a few pages long and includes information
about the entrepreneur, a motivational quote by them, and a true
story about them that is usually pretty inspirational. If you’re
having a hard day and are looking for something to pick you up,
this is the book for you.
Almost all of the entrepreneurs profiled struggled through early
failures before reaching success and reading their profiles is very
motivating – it helps you focus on the bigger picture and keep
going until you break through.
#3 – Keep ANY Promise by Karim Ismail
Do find that you set goals but don’t follow through on them? Is
your business getting in the way of the personal time you spend
with friends and family? Are you frustrated and ready for a change?
Keep Any Promise is an amazing book that gives you the tools to
help you identify important life and business goals for yourself.
It then gives you the steps you need to take to follow through so
that you actually accomplish what you say you’re going to do.
If The 4 Hour Work Week gives you the motivation and ideas to live
the ultimate entrepreneurial lifestyle, Keep Any Promise provides
you with the means to get there.
Each chapter is divided into two sections: a story of someone
trying to keep a promise they made and then the tools they used to
complete it. I didn’t find the stories that motivating but the
tools are invaluable!
#4 – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
You can’t create a list of top business books without including
this classic by Napoleon Hill. It’s been over 70 years since it was
first published and it’s still a bestselling paperback book.
Originally written in 1937, Think and Grow Rich contains timeless
business advice from Andrew Carnegie who is considered to be the
second richest man in history, behind only John D. Rockefeller.
Carnegie’s fortune in today’s dollars would be worth $300 billion.
Think and Grow Rich studied Andrew Carnegie’s habits and developed
15 laws of success which anybody can use to achieve success. The
book is also very easy to read and is motivating as well as being
I know some people who make it an annual ritual to read this book
and each time they do, they take something new away from it.
#5 – How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Also written in 1937, this book is another timeless classic. It has
sold over 15 million copies globally and the advice it gives is
still highly relevant today.
Whether you are dealing with customers, suppliers, investors,
employees, the media, bankers, or board members, you are dealing
with people. How To Win Friends And Influence People is the
ultimate guide to help you improve your people skills.
The book has six major sections and the author breaks each section
down with core principles that are simple to digest. To help bring
his point home he tells a number of stories that are easy to relate
to and make you think.
Some of the sections include: Fundamental techniques in handling
people, Six ways to make people like you, Be a leader: how to
change people without giving offense or arousing resentment, and
Seven rules for making your home life happier.
#6 – Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump
This book holds a sentimental spot in my heart because it was the
first business book that I picked up. When I was a teenager I was
on a family trip to New York City and decided to read it to learn
about one of New York’s most famous entrepreneurs.
The Art Of The Deal is an inside look at Donald Trump’s business
career and shares information on how he got started as well as his
11 “Trump Cards” on the art of winning in a negotiation.
If you’re looking for a little motivation and help in focusing on
the big picture then this book will do the trick!
It breaks down his first deals, gives background information behind
some of his more famous investments, and also gives you a look at a
typical week inside the life of Donald Trump.
#7 – Built to Last by Jim Collins
This is a great book that takes a look at what it takes to run a
successful company that can stand the test of time.
You might not be thinking about what your business will look like
in 10 years, let alone 50 years but I’m a big believer in modeling
success and Built to Last can give you the foundations of how to
build a great company, even if you want to stay small.
It analyzes the success factors of companies who: are the premier
institution in its industry, are widely admired by knowledgeable
businesspeople, made an indelible imprint on the world in which we
live, had multiple generations of chief executives, been through
multiple product (or service) life cycles, and was founded before
Some of the common characteristics of the successful companies
Be about more than just profits
Preserve your core offerings while stimulating progress with new
Go after Big Hairy Audacious Goals to rally the company
Try a lot of stuff and keep what works
Hire from within
Believe that good enough never is
#8 – The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn
If you believe that providing great customer service wins you
repeat business and tons of referrals then you need to read this
book. It’s only 114 pages and you can get through it in one sitting
– and then it’s time to implement the lessons learned!
The Fred Factor tells a true story about a mailman named Fred who
loves his job so much that he consistently goes the extra mile to
make his homeowner clients happy.
Fred is loved by his customers because he is constantly looking for
opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives.
The author then goes on to share the main principles that we can
all follow to help us bring passion, energy, and creativity to our
life and work.
#9 – Hire the American Dream by Dave Melton and Tim McInTyre
If you’ve taken the step to build your business beyond yourself
you’ll realize how important it is to get the right staff in place.
Your people will have the biggest impact on your ability to grow
and if you’re looking at building a winning team I highly recommend
this book.
Hire the American Dream looks one of Domino Pizza’s most successful
franchisees and how he set sales records in America’s toughest
market: New York City.
He did it by hiring the right people, giving them responsibilities,
allowing them to prove themselves, and helping them see that there
was a career path laid out for them.
They had to start out on minimum-wage but could build a future for
themselves if they worked hard.
#10 – The Entrepreneurial Journey by Norm Trainor
The Entrepreneur Journey helps guide business owners through the
process of setting up a successful company. Some of the topics
include: Business management, Marketing, Relationships management,
and Resource management.
Most of the information is geared towards financial advisors. The
author, Norm Trainor, has worked with thousands of financial
advisors helping them find out how to grow and differentiate
yourself in a saturated market where service and relationships are
On the surface this might not sound like a very interesting book if
you’re not a financial advisor… but there was one section that
really struck a chord with me and has stuck with me ever since I
read it.
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