You Should Love Networking: 7 Ways It Will Change Your Life!

You Should Love Networking: 7 Ways It Will Change Your Life!

Posted on 23, Jan


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Business networking, why don’t we open it up and state what it’s really all about?

First, it is deceiving people you meet.

Second, it is being mean to people so you can promote your own career.

Third, making connections just to get to more powerful people and taking as much as you can from your connections!

Fourth, using as many people as needed to get to the top, and then laughing down on all of them!

You Know What I Mean, Right?

Along the years, I have met numerous people who are terrified by the idea of “Business Networking.” They actually think the ideas I mentioned above are the real definition of networking. Seriously, if those things were what we really did when we were networking, our careers would be pretty short-lived!

In reality, people who actually do get the concept of networking realize that they would not be successful in business, and reach their goals, if they did not participate in networking. What is ironic is that we all network, all the time. We just label it as helping each other out, connecting, and so on.

Why Networking Is So Wonderful

I have always accepted networking as part of my life and as a way of life. The way I see it, networking with people affords us opportunities to have positive encounters with others. During these encounters, we have the ability to get to know someone new with different sets of resources to ours, share valuable information, and we can get more value in return that helps us accomplish our goals!

All veterans of business networking know that networking is based on the fact that – People Do Business With People! Not only will networking facilitate the growth of your business, it will help you excel in many aspects of your life!

Seven ways networking will change your life

1. Networking Increases Your Success – We actually increase our chances of achieving our goals by connecting with people who are experts in different fields. Over time, naturally, our business goals and needs will change. Having a solid network will provide us avenues to seek help; this is how we make it through the obstacles we encounter.

Think of it strategically; when we establish our short and long-term goals, we can position ourselves to focus our networking efforts on connecting with people who will help us get these goals. That way we prepare our path for success.

2. Endless Resources, Information And Opportunities– We have to build solid relationships within our network. This is key to accessing new channels of information. This is how we find out about new opportunities and learn about the current state of our industries. We also receive tips from our friends in our network that will help us. Knowledge equates to power. That power helps us and others achieve more!

3. The Networking Social Safety Net – Perhaps the greatest benefit of networking is the confidence it provides you. The basis of a network is positive rapport. These relationships are composed of positive feelings and companionship. Your network is your safety net. If you fall, your network friends are there to help you get back up.

No one is safe from downfalls. Downfalls can be anything from a big drop in sales to being terminated. Some people even choose to change careers. When a person has a strong network in place, all of these situations can be handled successfully. This is because networks give us confidence. Being a part of someone else’s network, we also provide others with confidence and they can adapt and overcome as well.

4. Compounding Interpersonal Skills – Growing your network also allows you to build your interpersonal skills. Your ability to interact with people will get stronger. Breaking the ice with strangers will become second nature. Asking for help will become easier. Your ability to maintain relationships will increase. Your overall ability to understand and connect with people will grow infinitely. These sharp interpersonal skills will lead you to more opportunities and help you meet your goals!

5. Earning Love And Respect – You get what you give. When you provide value for others, treat them with respect, and act as a reliable resource, you will build an outstanding reputation. Give your network an opportunity to get to know you and see the special spark in you! This will automatically make people appreciate and respect you! Having a good, positive reputation accelerates your journey to success!

6. Help Others Through our network relationships, we have the ability to affect people positively, and that feels great! A good practice to enact regularly is using your own contacts to help others in your network achieve their goals. We can channel the strength of our network to help communities and individuals in need. We can take your network and use it to help change the lives of others. When we use our resources to help causes greater than our own, we feel meaningful and happier!

7. Feel Fulfilled – The last reason for networking is the greatest:
Using relationships to achieve our goals is the foundation of networking. When we accomplish some of our big goals thanks to our networking efforts, we feel fulfilled. Fulfillment comes from knowing that we are capable of controlling our own reality and positively influencing others as well, helping a greater cause. Networking allows us to design our lives the way we want and feel fulfilled. This is one of the best feelings we can ever experience!

Now it’s your turn to tell me why you love to network!
Tell me what you think the benefits of building solid networks are. If you have tips, share them with me in the comment section below. Everyone will benefit from your experiences!


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