No One Follows A Pessimist.”

Based on the book, WORK THE POND! by Darcy Rezac, Judy Thomson & Gayle-Hallgren-Rezac




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No. 472 February 10, 2013 “No One Follows A Pessimist.” This is a great quote on leadership by Andrew St. George from McKinsey’s article “Leadership lessons from the Royal Navy.” St. George writes that his research (while writing the Royal Navy’s leadership handbook), offered lessons that can be translated into the business world. “The cheerful leader in any environment broadcasts confidence and capability, and the Royal Navy instinctively understands this. It is the captain, invariably, who sets the mood of a vessel; a gloomy captain means a gloomy ship. And mood travels fast.”

Every organization faces crises where working as a team makes the difference. Here’s an example relatable to a business situation: “The Royal Navy assiduously records how cheerfulness counts in operations. In 2002 one of its ships ran aground, triggering the largest and most dangerous flooding incident in recent years. The Royal Navy’s board of inquiry found that “morale remained high” throughout demanding hours of damage control and that “teams were cheerful and enthusiastic,” focusing on their tasks; “sailors commented that the presence, leadership, and good humor of senior officers gave reassurance and confidence that the ship would survive.” Add ‘cheerfulness’ to your recipe for engagement inside your organization.
–Darcy, Gayle and Judy



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