6 Ways to stay updated in your industry’s news!

6 Ways to stay updated in your industry’s news!

Posted on 12, Oct


Being up-to-date with the latest information concerning your industry is invaluable! It’s simple and highly important for networkers to know what’s going on at all times; hear about business opportunities, learn interesting pieces of info about some of the ‘players’ in the market, hear about new developments, new products and more… Knowledge is power! All you have to do is dedicate a little time each day to collecting information that will strengthen your abilities in your field of expertise, and that’s exactly what networkers do regularly!

Did you know that many people are still under the impression that once they have finished their university studies, they don’t really have to continue studying or researching their area of expertise?
Friends- the world changes and develops so fast each day, month and year and whoever wants to succeed in their career and this game of life have to know the market as well as possible!
Remember, knowledge is not hard to come by and will positively affect your most important decisions!

Part of my daily routine consists of a half an hour each morning dedicated to locating new information and industry “tips”. I usually scan or skim through the articles, looking for titles that attract my attention. Then, I copy interesting links to my excel sheet in Google docs and it’s always there for me to go back and review. That’s how I stay updated; I’m able to pull out information whenever needed! It is best to make this activity a habit and combine it in your daily routine.

Know more-Network better!

Here are 6 available-to-all resources I use to stay updated:

1) Newspapers and magazines-
Read newspapers and magazines that talk about your field of expertise. This can be from business and finance to any niche magazine, as long as it’s being published fairly often and provides good insights about the relevant industry.
I recommend using the online versions if possible- it’s easily accessible and allows you to save the articles’ link.

2) LinkedIn- This is a G-r-e-a-t tool to keep you updated on your industries’ news, events, job opportunities and opinions. All you have to do is join the relevant groups (one can join up to 50 groups and 50 subgroups).
When searching for a group you will see a short summary of the group’s field of interest, amount of members and some will say “Very Active” or “Active” group. Make sure the groups you choose have a reasonable number of members and prefer the active ones, as they have frequent information flow. Once you have joined a group, go to its ‘Settings’ and set the email “delivery frequency” on “weekly” or “daily digest email”. This will provide you with constant industry updates set to the frequency of your choosing..

3) Google alerts- This tool is your “internet spy” who notifies you about new online information that includes a certain keyword or phrase you have previously assigned in the Google alerts system.
This tool is user friendly and allows you to write down keywords in your field of interest and set it to provide you with daily /weekly emails. This way you will stay updated without much effort! Click here to join Google Alerts! http://www.google.com/alerts

4) Professional websites, forums and blogsThese types of sources are most likely to share different information than the mainstream media: as they deliver reviews and personal opinions and they provide insights from different points of view which broaden your perspective on the matter. This can benefit you a lot.
Search the web and write down a list of interesting professional websites, forums, and blogs. Make sure to visit them often or join their mailing lists.

5) Key peopleStay in close touch with “key people” in your industry and organization – the people that have the inside scoop. Make sure to set a friendly meeting every month to catch up, share industry updates and along the way strengthen your friendship. This will allow you to get a hold of ‘off the radar’ information, business opportunities and enjoyable time with a friend.

Professional organizations meetings- Some organizations and groups gather periodically to maintain their member knowledge in their specific field of expertise. This could be societies, associations or organizations in your field of expertise. It could be an entrepreneurship center, chamber of commerce meetings, “Meet Up” groups and such. Participate in those meetings, get familiar with new colleagues and extend your knowledge by learning from other people in your field.

Networkers- It’s time to get updated!

Action Plan to stay updated with your industry’s news! (It’s better to do it now!)

Start following 3 leading Newspapers / Magazines in your industry, on a regular basis
Join 5 LinkedIn groups in your industry
Write down 5 keywords and set Google Alerts notifications for these words
Join the mailing lists of 2 professional sites and 2 leading blogs in your field of expertise
Name 2 friends that “know it all” in your industry / organization and set a meeting with them.
Join 2 professional groups and attend their next meetings.


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