How To Create A “Go To Person” Reputation?

How To Create A “Go To Person” Reputation?

   Posted on 5, Feb

Go To Person Reputation

We all have specific friends we turn to for advice or help in different areas of expertise and issues.  Some of them are helpful to us in our business lives, and some of them help us in our personal lives.

Do you ever wonder why you turn to some people over and over again, and choose them over another?

How have these people established a reputation of being a “Go To Person” and attract others for advice?

I have to admit that every now and again, friends and acquaintances turn to me for advice or ask for connections that may assist them. The conversation always starts with, “I am sure you know this and that”, or, “If someone knows people there, it has to be you”. As much as I am flattered by it, I did manage to build a “Go To Person” reputation over the years, and I continue to nourish and maintain it regularly.

Why Being A “Go To Person” Is Good For Business Networking

You need to build your reputation in order for other people to know what you are capable of. You know many people in your industry and are exposed to new information regularly I am sure of this, but do other people know how skilled and knowledgeable you are?

Being a “Go To Person” increases one’s social value and positions you where you can help others easily and get assistance back easily as well.

(As long as you are always honest and stand behind your words, you will not harm your credibility or good reputation.)

Benefits Of Becoming A “Go To Person”: – People will seek for your help and advice – You will build a credible reputation within your community – It will be easy for you to ask others for help and people will love paying you back.

Naturally, you will form stronger connections with the people you have helped to in the past. They will appreciate you for that and you will be able to ask them for help back when needed and reach your goals.

Go To Person Formula

“Go To Person” Formula

There is a formula to becoming a “Go To Person”. It takes time and will require you to practice and do it regularly, but believe me, it will benefit your networking efforts and professional reputation, and eventually your business and income.

This is the formula: Collect – Spread – Connect!

Collect: (information)

A “Go To Person” isn’t born with great knowledge and connections. He or she learns new knowledge and collects connections on a daily basis. This is the source of power that Go To People have. This phase is all about collecting information that will be helpful in meeting the needs of others. 1. Stay Updated In Your Industry’s News Being up-to-date with the latest information concerning your industry is invaluable! It’s highly important for networkers and Go To People  to know what’s going on at all times; hear about business opportunities, learn interesting pieces of info about some of the ‘players’ in the market, hear about new developments, new products and more… Knowledge is power! How would you do it efficiently? Dedicate a little time each day to collecting information. Click here for the 6 available-to-all resources I use regularly to stay updated.

2. Know A Little About A Lot Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad wrote: “My poor dad said, “you need to know a lot about one specialty.” My rich dad said, “you need to learn a little about a lot of things.” When you are interested in many different fields, you expand your general knowledge. This will enable you to connect with people that are different than you are and get active in conversations about many issues.

Consequently, expressing a vast general knowledge will benefit your reputation and you will appear as the knowledgeable person that you are.

3. Connect With Key People Expand your connections with key and influential people in your industry and organization. These are the people who may be able to help your friends and you can also learn a lot from them, as they usually have the inside scoop. This will allow you to get updated on ‘off the radar’ information, business opportunities and the like.

4. Sharpen Your Memory Collecting information is important and great but how do you store this info? Networkers have good memory; it’s valuable and needed in order to quickly recall solutions for your network friends and yourself. You should find a convenient way to remember people, names, fields of expertise, details, offers and all sorts of info that you may use if a need arises. My own method is about anchoring headlines of information I encounter in my memory, and attach it to people. I trained myself to create a “file in my mind” to remember these types of information. For example: I Remember John’s face and attach it to the fact that “he works in the Biotech Industry”, or Michael’s face and “he is looking for an accountant.” I remember that “LinkedIn group posted an open position for a website developer yesterday” and the like. When someone approaches me and asks if I know of an open accountant position, I scan my mind and usually remember to connect the dots.


Spread: (your knowledge out there)

This phase guides you to constantly “spread the word” about you being a  “know how” person and having a big networking base. Explain how you can assist someone, what you specialize in, whom you know and can connect them to, and more. Give and offer solutions based on your knowledge and contacts. When people around you realize you have many solutions, they will eventually see you as a “Go To Person”. Remember to preserve your credibility and only refer or recommend people you really believe in and trust. You want to provide quality solutions and recommendations.

1. Scan Your Memory And Share Useful Knowledge When someone shares a certain problem with you – scan your mind for a possible solution. After a while, the scanning process will become second nature to you. Once you really think you can assist someone, share your solution with him or her. There are usually three types of ways you can help someone: A. I know X person.. (that may assist you) B. I have heard… (this man or company is looking for..) C. I have worked for them / with them… (and…) Scan your memory to find solutions to the problems of people in your network.

2.  Spread Useful Info Anytime You Meet People In order to become a “Go To Person”, try to share your knowledge or big connection base when you encounter other people. It can be during networking events or people you meet daily. Do it wisely of course and spread your word only if you really have value to add to someone and not for the sake of “name dropping”.

3.  Share Useful Info Strategically On Social Media Social networks are a great platform to spread your “Go To Person” reputation. You can collect info through them and share it. You can post job offers, ask your social network friends for referrals or assistance and the like. Express your thoughts and ideas on relevant topics. Whatever you do- post info strategically; think what type of posts can benefit your professional reputation and do it regularly. People will pick up on that and it will add to your “Go To Person” reputation.

Connect (people to their needs)

This phase is about following up on your promises, e.g. make the connections, send this information, and happily help others.  There are two ways you can connect others to their solutions:

1. Actively Connect Offers & Solutions Get active and connect between offers & solutions you’ve heard of. Everyone likes to know someone is thinking about him or her, and it’s even better when the offer to help him or her comes from you. Surprise your network friends if you have useful information for them, and connect between their needs and someone else’s solution, or vice versa. 2. People Will Turn To You For Assistance When this happens, you know you are on the right track! People will turn to you, because they know you are a “Go To Person” and you may have the right solution for them. Remember you don’t have to provide others with solutions all the time, only when you have them.

Establishing ones reputation as a “Go To Person” is common practice for networkers and it benefits their business networking activity.

Become known as a strong resource for others!

Still have questions about this issue? Feel free to ask me a question in the comment section below and I will do my best to respond promptly.

Also, I want to know your experience and how you became a “Go To Person”? Please share your comments.

Remember:  Collect – Spread – Connect!


Yours Truly,




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