Put Others First and You Will Succeed

Put Others First and You Will Succeed

One of the basic tenets of networking is that you should “put others first”. You have probably heard this many times before. In fact, it is so important that the more you put others first, the less you will start to care about yourself. Know why? Because the payback will come when least expected, especially when you don’t ask for anything in return.

With the pay-it-forward model, you will be building good will with others. When the time comes for your need for help, people will be there for you and help. At the same time, you will stand out in your network so they will think of you when opportunities present themselves. You will be surprised when you least expect it.

By having a “happy” network, you will have built up the ever important social capital. What this means is that one of your biggest assets are the relationships that you have built. Your relationships will be an important part for your personal and business success. Most business gets done with people we trust and like. By putting others first, you will be able to build up the trust factor with various people in your network.

Relationships are such an important aspect of business so make sure to “put others first” so you can build up a long-term and sustainable network.

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