Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Mission Statement and How to Write One

  • Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Mission Statement and How to Write One
 what is your mission?
Do you have a personal mission statement?
I did not until recently.
Actually, I had never even thought about it until I attended a recent funeral.
It was for the father of a friend and co-worker of mine.
Though I didn’t know him personally, I learned much about him through family and friends who spoke at his funeral sharing his accomplishments and their experiences with him.
One of them also shared a personal mission statement they had found among his possessions.
It was truly inspiring. That’s when I began thinking about writing one for myself.I wondered where to start and what I should include in my own mission statement. I also thought about why it would benefit me to write one. I did some research on the subject and decided to share what I found here in this article.


Why should everyone write a personal mission statement?

Most people, like me, think about personal mission statements as something for corporations and high-level executives. However, I found out that’s not true. In fact, everyone needs a personal mission statement to maintain focus on what your long-term goals are. It will also provide you with a sense of purpose. In essence, it is a guide of sorts to lead you to where you want to be or go in life.

Another reason to write your own personal mission statement is that it costs you nothing but will benefit you greatly. It will make you feel accountable to achieving your goals. Your mission statement will also be a yardstick by which to measure your progress and current reality. There is something to be said for seeing our goals written out on paper. It cements our thoughts about what we want to succeed at during our life.

What should be included in your personal mission statement?

According to author and life coach Dan Miller, a good mission statement will include (1) our skills and abilities or (things we like to do), (2) our personality traits (how we operate) and (3) our values, dreams and passions (why we want to excel). Start by writing down what you know about yourself in regard to these 3 things. Don’t worry about the length of your mission statement. Length doesn’t matter. Some will have more elaborate statements than others. A personal mission statement will vary according to each person’s goals and visions. There is no right or wrong way to write one. Just start and your thoughts will follow.


What should you do after writing your personal mission statement?

You should frame your statement and put it where you read it or see it every day. The things you think about the most will become your reality!

My personal mission statement

“My personal mission is to serve God, be kind, compassionate and helpful to others, be honest, live a simple life and have a grateful heart, learn something new each day, and treat my body as a temple of God. Everything I do in my life matters.”

I hope I have inspired someone who reads this to write their own personal mission statement and to strive each day to move toward their vision.



Here is a mission statement everyone should try


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