The Fastest Way to Attract Hundreds or even Thousands of New Leads

The Fastest Way to Attract Hundreds or even Thousands of New Leads

Business coachingWell, I wanted to share some strategies that will help you bring in new business as quickly as possible and it won’t cost you a dime in advertising or marketing.

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is create win-win partnerships with other businesses that compliment yours and one of the best parts about this strategy is that it costs next to nothing.

Why is that the fastest way? Well, it’s very similar to the ‘Oprah Effect’. Oprah has millions of fans that TRUST her. She’s taken years to build that trust, so when she personally recommends a book or a product or another expert the flood gates open for that author, product or trusted expert and the end result is massive growth for that individual or company.

Well, guess what? You can do the exact same thing with your business. Now I realize you might not have access to millions and millions of viewers, but you can have access to hundreds and many even thousands of viewers depending on your reputation and business.

For example: Let’s say you own a Professional Carpet Cleaning Business and you want to grow. You could approach and create a win-win partnership with numerous other business owners like a Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer or a Landscaping Company etc. This will literally help you get access to anywhere from 300-1000 potential new customers depending on that businesses customer database. (P.S. If you are not keeping track of your customers contact information in some type of database…YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO THAT STARTING NOW.)

Now whether you have a company that brings in a million + a year or a smaller business that brings in $50,000 a year, the name of the game is exactly the same in creating win-win partnerships.

Right now one of my clients whom I coach one-on-one just created 4 win-win partnerships in two weeks and is about to make his 5th one today. He is already on his way to getting access to hundreds and hundreds of new leads all at once. (YOU CAN’T RELY ON NEW CUSTOMERS TO SEARCH YOU OUT.)

So here are some tips for creating win-win partnerships:

1. GIVE FIRST…the first step is to find a way to give to the person you want to partner with first. Often times business owners try to get first. This is backwards…in order to get more leads you want to give them first. And, if you are brand new to business and don’t have many leads then you need to find other ways to provide value. (Maybe you offer to provide that partner with your free services or product first.)

2. ADD VALUE…find ways to add value to the other business owner and their customers. What do you provide, what are the benefits to working with you verse your competition. Good partners will want to make sure you provide value and will deliver what you promise. They’ve built rapport and trust with their customers over time and they are not going to want to lose that trust.

3. SCHEDULE A LUNCH…reach out to the partner you want to approach and ask them to lunch or coffee. (Offer to treat.) Present your offer to give first and mention that you want to create a win-win partnership with that person. Set a plan in motion, send a thank you card after the meeting and follow up on the next steps.

4. WIN-WIN…recently I just partnered with another business owner in California. He approached me because he saw my video series and realized how I can help a lot of people he knows. So, we created a win-win partnership. Now, depending on what you do, you can either give that partner a portion of the revenue that is generated from their leads, or you can offer to reach out to your customer list about their product or service and vice a versa.

5. TIPS…you need to demonstrate that you are professional, that you care about taking great care of that partners customers and that your product or service will deliver a certain level of excellence. This is very important.

Again, partnerships are the fastest and often times the least expensive way to grow your business quickly.

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As always, I am wishing you great success!

Amanda Brazel, Marketing Expert & Coach

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